What is Ayurveda and how's it important for you?

Have you heard of the practice of Ayurveda? Over the last few years, it’s gained popularity in the Western world, with popular coffee shops putting a spin on Golden Milk Lattes, a turmeric-based beverage commonly used by practitioners of Ayurveda to aid aches, pains, and digestive issues. If this all sounds unfamiliar, keep reading. Ayurveda is an ancient practice full of wisdom for our mind, body, and spirit. 

The word itself can be broken down into “Ayur” which means “life,” and “Veda” translating into “knowledge.” Ayurveda is “the knowledge (or science) of life.” Ayurveda’s roots date back to about 5000 years ago in Asia, making it one of the world’s oldest healing systems. In fact, it still remains intact as India’s form of healthcare, as it’s both preventative and curative. What’s unique about this practice is that it focuses on balancing an individual through unifying the mind, body and spirit, making it one of the most holistic lenses to view your health and wellbeing. 

What are Doshas?

Doshas are the governing principles of Ayurveda. They’re thought to be the bridge where nature intertwines with the body, Doshas are based on the five natural elements: earth, water, fire, air, and space. These elements come together to help us identify where our internal elements might need support and balance. The three doshas are:

Vata: (space and air) energy that flows and bends

If you have a strong Vata constitution, you are likely perceived as a “busy bee,” walking, talking, and moving quickly through life. Those with strong Vata might experience dryness in their skin and hair, and/or often feel cold or light-headed/ungrounded.

Pitta: (fire and water) energy that transforms/metabolizes

Pitta relates to transformation, heat, and oil. Pitta energy is often reflected in individuals with strong or athletic body types, as well as those perceived as intellectual. Those with strong Pitta energy have strong digestive fire and motivation, but also risk experiencing overdrive & inflammation when not in balance. 

Kapha: (earth and water) energy that stands for stability/heaviness

Kapha correlates with stable, slow, cold, and soft energy. Kapha energy is seen in fuller body frames, thick and lustrous hair, and/or being the natural nurturers in their family-friend groups. It’s common for Kaphas to struggle with fatigue or low motivation, if not balanced.

Everyone has a main dosha, but we are all made up from all three - affecting both our personality and physical characteristics. Your doshic makeup is a key element in determining what lifestyle habits you consider adopting in order to create balance.. 

When we are not in balance, our bodies will find ways to communicate through symptoms like mood imbalances, skin issues, and even weight gain. This makes it essential to be educated on your doshic makeup. You can learn more about your doshic makeup with this free quiz on Chopra’s website.

Implement Ayurveda for Complete Mind, Body, Soul Transformation

One of the simplest ways to start implementing this ancient wisdom in your modern lifestyle, is by incorporating a variety of foods and beverages that contain different herbs like ashwagandha, turmeric, and adaptogenic mushrooms. Fortunately, organifi makes it easy. Not only do these blends greatly support your doshic constitution, but they also help you adapt to the everyday stressors your encounter in the modern world. 

The sunrise to sunset kit is a great place to begin if you are new to incorporating superfood and adaptogenic blends to support your body and soul. 

Ayurveda provides an important reminder that health looks unique for everyone. On that note, here are a few suggestions you might consider to balance your main Dosha type...

To Balance Vata:

Consider a diet adequate in healthy fats like avocado, olives, and fatty fish. Incorporate more grounding foods like soups and stews, as well as warming comforts like hot showers and self-massage with warm oils.

To Balance Pitta

Focus on eating a variety of fibrous vegetables for optimal digestion, as well as adding ghee to your cooking. Staying cool is key. Focus on comforts like evening walks, organic fruit sherbets, and light exercise to prevent overheating and manage stress.

To Balance Kapha: 

Drier foods should be your priority (think raisins instead of grapes), as well as regular detoxification. A safe and healthy fasting protocol might support better digestion, in addition to hot water in the morning and consistent exercise for regular energy.

It’s important to always consult with your healthcare practitioner to ensure the safety of your body when adjusting your health routine.


About the Author: Nia Carrillo is a Mind-Body Nutritionist and Energy Healer specializing in helping individuals heal cycles with food, their body, and emotions. Nia believes in a whole-being approach, bridging the gap between science and the metaphysical for physical and spiritual transformation. She received her Master's in Nutrition in 2018 and is also trained in many modalities such as Hypnotherapy, MBSR (mind-body-spirit release) Technique, Emotional Clearing (MER), NLP, Reiki, and Breathwork. Nia is currently based in San Diego, with her husband and two dogs, Boots and Douglas.


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