5 Reasons Rainforests Are So Important & What You Can Do To Help Them

In honor of Earth day, we wanted to talk about something that is very close to our heart: the rainforest! 

Here at Organifi, we believe in giving our planet as much love and attention as possible, because, well, without her, none of us would be here! The rainforests play an incredibly important role for all life on the planet. Here's why:

Rainforests Provide 20% Of The World's Oxygen

Tree's and other plants "breathe" in our carbon dioxide and convert it back to life-giving oxygen. This is why scientists call rainforests the "lungs" of the earth. Without trees, we wouldn't have oxygen, which means we wouldn't be able to survive. Even if you don't live near a rainforest, oxygen from them is carried through the air across the entire planet. Depending on various factors (wind, temperature, latitude, etc.), it takes air around 1-3 months to travel around the world. That means the oxygen from the rainforest directly affects you. (1, 2)  

Rainforests Fight Against Air Pollution

Studies have found that the tree and plant density in rainforests gives them a powerful ability to absorb and eliminate or dilute air born pollutants. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the trees in the rainforest can absorb these contaminants without being harmed by them. Somehow, the plants are able to use these pollutants productively (even as nutrients, in some cases). Even if pollutants aren't utilized by a tree, they can still be removed from the air and trapped in the leaves and bark. This helps clean up the atmosphere of the planet. (3)

Rainforests Help Stabilize Our Climate

Because rainforests absorb carbon dioxide, they help to reduce the effect too much carbon dioxide has on climate change. According to NASA, humans have increased carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere by over 33% since the Industrial Revolution. This is due to deforestation, burning fossil fuels and making major changes to millions of acres of land throughout the world. We desperately need rainforests in order to keep the world's atmosphere in balance. (4)

Rainforests Help Maintain The Earth's Water Cycle

Rainforests help to produce mass amounts of rain every year. The water from this rainfall cycles throughout the entire planet and prevents droughts. As the rainforest gets smaller, this water cycle is also affected, leading to less and less water in certain parts of the world. (5)

50% Of The World's Plant And Animal Species Live In Rainforests

Rainforests are home to half of the world's plant and animal species, many of which cannot survive without them. If we lose parts of the rainforest, we also eliminate these species. Many rainforest-dwelling animals are already endangered due to deforestation and other factors. Preserving the rainforest is vital to their survival. An area of rainforest the size of just two football fields may have more than 400 species of trees. (6) 

How Can I Help Save The Rainforest?

More and more people are realizing how important rainforests are to our health and the health of the planet. Many are going to great measures to help conserve them.

In order to make real impact on the rainforests, we must all do our part to ensure that they are preserved, respected and supported. Deforestation of rainforests is a real and fast-occurring problem in the world today.

Here are some things YOU can do to create a positive impact for the planet and our future:

  1. Spread Awareness About The Importance Of Our Rainforests. Social media has made the sharing of information easy and fast. Stand up for the rainforest and share with others how they can also create positive change. 
  2. Plant New Trees In Deforested Areas. You can help to restore damaged areas by planting or funding the planting of trees across the globe. 
  3. Support Companies That Prioritize Preservation Efforts. Your money has more impact on the planet than anything. What companies do you buy from and what efforts do they make to minimize their footprint on the Earth? 
  4. Live In A Way That Supports Rather Than Hurts The Environment. Swear off plastic. Eat less meat and only eat meat from responsible, grass-fed, organic sources. Learn how to minimize waste. Use renewable energy. Live more minimalistically. Continue to educate yourself on ways to live in harmony with the planet. 

Let’s all help make the world a greener place... one tree at a time!

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Remember, we're in this together.


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