Fit For Festivities Bundle

Collagen Powder • Organifi Glow • Shilajit Gummy

The best way to get ‘Fit For Festivities’ this season than with superfood blends curated to support your total body health and wellness!
  • Collagen: Rejuvenate skin, nails, and vitality with five collagen types from real foods.
  • Glow: Achieve radiant, moisturized skin with 5X Hyaluronic Acid's moisture in a delicious mix.
  • Shilajit Gummies: Recharge cells with pure Himalayan Shilajit in convenient gummies.
  • Liver Reset: Refresh your liver for detox, digestion, and energy with Milk Thistle, Artichoke Leaf, and Triphala.
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Certified Gluten Free Glyphosate Residue Free Soy Free

"After having my baby I noticed the days I consistently took Organifi collagen, I lost the most weight. I won't go without it now!" - Mary Darnall

This Kit Contains


Elevate your beauty and wellness with Organifi Multi Collagen, a premium blend featuring five collagen types from four real food sources. Rediscover radiant skin, stronger nails, and overall vitality while supporting gut health and metabolism with this tasteless, versatile powder.


Experience the ultimate skin-loving blend with Organifi Glow. This delicious raspberry lemonade mix supports natural collagen production, contains ingredients that provide 5X the moisture of Hyaluronic Acid, and leaves your skin brighter and radiant from within. Elevate your skincare routine today!

Shilajit Gummies

Elevate your vitality with Shilajit Gummies, packed with pure Himalayan Shilajit. These convenient and tasty gummies support mitochondrial health, eliminate toxins, and provide essential trace minerals. Harness the ancient power of the Himalayas and recharge your body for a revitalized and energized life.

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Liver Reset

Revitalize your liver with Organifi Liver Reset, a potent blend of Milk Thistle, Artichoke Leaf, and Triphala. This liver support formula promotes detoxification, bile production for improved digestion, and energy transformation. Keep your liver in balance and boost overall well-being with these convenient, on-the-go capsules.
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