Women's Power Stack

Glow • Harmony

Feel the power of true hormonal balance, and see your great health radiating through your beautiful skin. Look and feel your best with this powerful duo!

  • Plant-based collagen-building support
  • Superior hormonal balance
  • Two delicious superfood blends
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“I've been drinking Harmony for about 3 months now. It has been life-changing. My periods are no longer heavy. My cramps are barely there and very manageable. I've had almost no PMS symptoms. Thank you for making a product that is so incredibly helpful!”

Loni L., Verified Buyer

Paired for Women’s Power

Daily superfoods and adaptogens for hormonal balance and ageless beauty.

Harmony - This delicious cacao blend is designed to support women’s health using traditional herbs and adaptogens.

Glow -  A refreshing raspberry lemonade designed to enhance hydration and support your skin’s natural collagen-building processes.

Super-Nutritious and Oh-So Delicious

“Within the first two weeks, I was getting compliments on my skin. It is clear and glowing. Love this product!” - Sarah C., Verified Buyer

These two tasty blends are the perfect combination of flavor and true natural power. Refreshing, moisturizing, balancing, and satisfying, these blends will keep you feeling like your best self all month long.

  • Harmony

    Energizing – Support natural energy levels and mental alertness with the revitalizing power of Maca and Cacao.

    Balancing – Shatavari, and Chaste Tree Berry for overall hormonal balance with a woman’s needs in mind.

    Restoring – Promote whole body wellness and recovery with superfoods like Turmeric, Ginger, and Stinging Nettle.
  • Glow

    Collagen Synthesis – Maintain elasticity supported with Bamboo Silica and Vitamin C from Acerola Cherry.

    Brighten Skin – With Pomegranate, Rosehips, and Amla to revitalize your glowing skin and complexion from the inside out.

    Moisturize – One of the top beauty supplements, Tremella Mushroom provides 5x the moisture of expensive hyaluronic acid.
Superfoods and Adaptogens to Bring Her Body Into Balance

Ingredients like Maca, Tremella Mushroom, Shatavari, and many other powerful adaptogens. LEARN MORE

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