3 Easy Food Swaps to Heal Your Gut and Lose Weight


Many Diets, Many Bodies

With so many diets and trends out there, how do you know what's right for your body?

Each diet (or lifestyle) has its own list of pros and cons, depending on your specific goals.   

I’m not crazy enough to tell anybody that ONE of those diets is best for everyone, because we all have different goals, and - more importantly - different genes, environments, lifestyles and needs.

But there is one important thing I hope we all agree on: The Standard American Diet doesn’t benefit anyone.

So rather than tell you exactly "what" to eat (because that depends on you), here are the three biggest dangers to your health, along with some healthy alternatives.

1. Processed Sugar

I’ve said this a million times, but sugar has been linked to inflammation, lowered immune system, diabetes, obesity, and even heart disease. Based on new research, a sweet tooth can be quite dangerous in the long run.

Swap it out for: raw honey, fresh fruit, berries, dates, stevia, monk fruit, or coconut nectar.

(We also hear from a lot of customers that our Green Juice has reduced their sweet tooth!)

Or try some of these amazing dessert recipes:

2. Dairy

I’ve had this discussion many times with different health professionals. Some claim that dairy is not meant to be a part of the human diet at all.

Some claim only 40% of the population can handle it. Still others claim that not all dairy is created equal.

In my opinion, dairy is not necessary for humans, especially dairy from cows injected with steroids, hormones, and antibiotics. Sick animals = sick animal products.

Swap it out for: plant-based milk like almond, cashew, coconut, or rice. Replacing milk with one of these is going to reduce your inflammation - and help your gut!

3. Wheat

I’ve always loved Italian food, and I grew up eating lots of bread and pasta in the midwest. But removing gluten from my diet was one of the most beneficial things I've done for my health. 

It wasn’t easy, but after a couple weeks I noticed my stomach having less bloating and indigestion. My head felt clearer, and I had much better sleep.

If you really think about it, wheat doesn’t have NEARLY as many vitamins or minerals as vegetables and fruits. Beans, veggies and fruits also have more fiber than wheat.

Swap it out for: sweet potatoes, gluten-free oats, quinoa, lentils, brown or white rice. There are also some great alternatives for baking, like coconut, almond, or cassava flour. Each of these will be much better for your gut than wheat.

Of course, one of my favorite hacks for gut health is getting quality probiotics. But for now, start with eliminating these three dangerous foods and replacing them with healthier alternatives.

Remember: we're in this together!

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