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5 Benefits Of Reishi Mushroom For Skin

5 Benefits Of Reishi Mushroom For Skin

With all the chemical-ridden skincare products on the market - many of which likely do more harm to your health than good in the long run - it can be difficult finding natural solutions that fulfill your beauty routine needs and also help not only maintain your health, but also boost it. 

That's where reishi mushrooms come in.

Also known as the "mushroom of immortality," the reishi mushroom provides a plethora of benefits that not only help boost your health on the inside, but also help enhance your health on the outside.

When it comes specifically to your skin, reishi mushrooms can seriously help do wonders. You don't always have to apply it directly to your skin either (reishi is a popular ingredient in skincare products), you can also reap its skincare benefits from simply including it in your diet.

Honestly, the health of your skin reflects the health of your insides, so it makes sense why the health of your skin should start on the inside.  

Check out why reishi mushroom is a great option to help boost your skin health!

5 Reasons You Should Use Reishi Mushrooms For Better Skin

#1. Naturally Smooth Skin - Reishi mushrooms contain what are known as beta-glucans, which are natural sugars that can help reduce and calm dry, itchy skin.

#2. Reduce Inflammation - Reishi mushrooms have inflammation-reducing properties that can help with any sort of inflammation, inside or out. Specifically on the skin, these properties can help with acne, wounds, blemishes, swelling etc.

#3. Provide Anti-Aging Benefits - Reishi mushrooms are known as the mushrooms of immortality for a reason. Their anti-aging benefits are what make them so popular for skincare. They can help clear up wrinkles, lines and other signs of aging.

#4. Strengthen Skin Protection - Reishi mushrooms can help not only give you smooth skin, but can also help strengthen your skin against all sorts of typical skin issues (acne, blemishes, etc).

#5. Boost Detox Process - Reishi mushrooms have natural detoxification properties that can help cleanse your body and ultimately your skin (remember, the health of your skin starts on the inside).

Best Way To Benefit From Reishi Mushrooms

One of the best ways to consume reishi mushrooms and reap their benefits is to get them in a superfood mix with other superfoods that enhance their skincar and remedying properties. One of the best superfood mixes on the market right now is our very own Organifi Red Juice. It's flowing with nearly a dozen different superfoods, reishi mushrooms included and just needs to be mixed with a glass of water (or a smoothie if you prefer).

Organifi Red Juice can help cleanse your body, give you a boost of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, support weight loss, clear your skin and more. Get some of your own here.

Have you experienced the powers of reishi mushrooms? What's your favorite way to enjoy them? Have they helped you with your skincare routine? Share with us in the comments below and give us any tips you have, we'd love to hear from  you.

And remember, we're in this together. 

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