7 Things to Do When You Are Really Sad

Written by: Kat Gal

Something happened. Maybe everything happened. Or perhaps nothing happened. Whatever it is, you feel sad.

We all get the sads sometimes. Yes, even the most positive, easy-going and mentally stable people do too. If you are one of those 300 million people worldwide who are affected by depression, you probably feel sad more often than occasionally and more deeply than others.

No matter what the reason for your sadness is, there are some amazing natural ways to uplift your mood. Most may elevate your mood instantly, but all can do magic gradually if you practice them regularly.

Try These 7 Things When You Are Feeling Sad To Elevate Your Mood

#1. Write

Writing has powerful healing benefits. You may feel uncomfortable getting completely vulnerable and sharing your feelings with others or it simply may not feel like enough. But there is something about expressing everything on a paper.

Grab your journal and write your heart out. Just free write without thinking about punctuation, grammar and other errors. Be yourself. If writing poetry, short stories or songs helps you, do that. Enjoy the flow of energy and find your peace within your words.

#2. Help Others

Don’t get me wrong, sitting with your feelings is powerful. You should do that. Sit with them, acknowledge them, accept them and love them. However, just sitting around dwelling and crying can also push you into a negative cycle of sadness.

Get up and do something good. You may be up for volunteering. You may only have energy to help someone run their errands, help an old lady across the street, feed a stray dog, talk to a homeless person or pay it forward by buying a coffee for the person next in line. Whatever you choose to do, you will notice that lifting others up will lift you up as well.

#3. Clean

If you are one of those people who stress-cleans, this is definitely for you. But even if you are not, you may still find yourself getting lost washing dishes, cleaning the house, folding laundry and organizing your desk. There is no doubt that the results will elevate your mood. A clean and happy environment can feed positive thoughts.

#4. Take Action

Crying and feeling your feelings is powerful. But without action your situation won’t change. Don’t just dwell on the situation. Definitely don’t blame yourself, others or your circumstances. Don’t just dream about changing. But take action. Stop being a victim, but create a plan and start implementing it.

If it feels overwhelming, ask for support from a friend, coach or therapist depending on your situation. Remember, you can win the game of life.

#5. Move Your Body

Exercising regularly can reduce your stress levels and boost your mood through increasing your happy hormones. When you are sad, it may be difficult to get out the door, but remember the results. You won’t regret it. Even a light walk or easy yoga session can be helpful, but if you are down you may want to release tension through running, boxing, dancing, lifting, or something more challenging.

#6. Take Time For Self-Care

Don’t try to suppress your feelings and don’t avoid your needs. Make sure to take time for self-care. Get plenty of sleep. Take a long bath. Breathe deep. Meditate. Stretch. Eat healthy whole foods. Drink plenty of water. Talk to yourself kindly. And please, give yourself a hug. You are doing great!

#7. Ask for Help

The is no shame in asking for help. We all need it sometimes - more often than we like to admit. Talk to friends and family. Ask and accept help from those you trust and those that care about you. If you want or need professional guidance, talk to a coach, counselor, therapist or other healer or health professional depending on your needs.

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Do you have other tips that have worked for you in elevating your mood and increasing your happiness during sad times? If you are dealing with depression, what has helped you to return to a more balanced, positive and happier life? Share your tips and stories in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

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