10 Beginner-Friendly Green Juice Combinations that Don't Taste Like Veggies

So you want to try green juice to get healthier, support liver reset, and maybe even drop some pounds… with one small caveat:

    You hate green vegetables.

    Or someone you love (hi kids!) does. Green juice is to you what meat is to vegans. You just don’t like it.

    What if I told you? That’s OK.

    Not just okay, but normal. Green juice is not something we are given in our baby bottles (although I think we totally should!) - it’s perfectly natural for you to think that vegetables in a green juice are some sort of weird salad gone wrong.

    In our society, we’re bombarded with hidden sugar, caffeine hubs, soda commercials, and every addictive processed food ever made by humans. It’d be odd to expect everyone to like green juices on the first try. So if you’re a beginner don’t fret!

    It’s common to have an initial aversion to green juice. But you can grow to like it!

    If you're ready to commit to healthier habits and ditch those empty calories you snack on (hi there, questionable drive-thru hot dogs.)

    You have an opportunity.

    Find Green Juice Ingredients that Don't Taste Like "Greens"

    You can retrain your mind - and taste buds - to enjoy eating healthy.

    You have the opportunity today to find a tasty mix that you like and start that green juice life you so want (because let’s face it, who doesn’t want an improved immune system, fewer dentists appointments - bye processed sugar - and to shed some fat?)

    It’s 100% possible to hack a green juice to not taste like ‘grass in a glass’ and improve your lifestyle.

    Side effects may include a slimmer waistline, more energy, better skin, whiter teeth, and you know, naturally supported liver reset that helps you stick around longer.

    Sound good? Let's go!

      How Green Juice and Green Juice Powder Powers Health

      If you’re reading this you’re either a green juice newbie who already loves this marvelous healthy drink or a green-juice-curious who may have heard of the health benefits of drinking (or starting your day) with green juice.

      Let’s go over them real quick:

      • May Support Whiter Teeth: No, green juice will not replace your toothpaste. But it may help you curb or completely kick that caffeine habit.

        Drinking them through a straw (reusable, please!) will also keep chlorophyll away from stain-prone enamel and sneaky calcium in green vegetables will contribute to dental strength over time.

      • Radiant Skin: Skin is very susceptible to free radical damage (rascal electrons that like to latch onto healthy cells) this is called oxidative stress. Most fruits and vegetables have a high antioxidant concentration that makes green juice a great way to slow down decay and protect skin (and other organs) against oxidative stress.

      • More Energy: The combination of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants give your body some of the most essential nutrients to keep you awake and running at the best speed. Alternative diets high in fat, processed foods, and sugar, tend to result in a more sluggish system and feeling.

      • Assisted Weight Loss: Green juice is not a meal replacement and a green juice reset is not a full-time healthy diet or solution, but if you drink a green juice daily you’ll be more likely to snack less on the wrong (less healthy) foods, fuel your body with lots of nutrients, and help you naturally eliminate body bloat associated to high-sodium and high-sugar foods.

      • Proteins and Amino Acids: Dark leafy greens the real MVPs in most green juices, are a fantastic source of amino acids, the building blocks of protein. All have protein that, in varying levels, contributes to muscle and brain health.

      • Super Easy Way to Eat Veggies: It’s actually a lot easier to hit the recommended vegetable goal of 2 to 3 cups a day if you have a green juice or smoothie as you start your day.

      • Improved Immune Response: Precisely because fruits and vegetables have vitamin, minerals, and antioxidants they play a crucial role in the immune response.

        Research shows they are critical in the 
        prevention of chronic diseases.

      • May Assist Liver Reset: The liver resets your body naturally every day, the job gets harder or easier according to the kind of nutrients it needs to process and their amount. We can all probably agree that a liver continuously fed alcohol, processed foods, sugar, and high-fat foods will have a harder job than one fed a more balanced diet.

        On the flip side, some dark leafy greens are particularly good 
        foods for liver reset.

      In short, there’s a myriad of health benefits associated with green juice and vegetable juice as part of a healthy diet and strong system.

      In fact, this study on vegetable juice-based diets show that not only did “general well being” improve on a three-day juice diet, but it “altered the intestinal microbiota associated with weight loss, increase in the vasodilator number, and decrease in lipid oxidation.”

      So, back to the concept of making your taste buds enjoy your green juice as much as your body does.

      10 Green Juice Combinations For Beginners

      These green juices taste delicious, will likely fool any veggie-hater, and will quickly help you turn into a veggie-lover and green juice master. We handpicked these recipes for their taste, no difficulty level, and their rich ingredients.

      #1 Pearl, Apple, and Cinnamon Green Juice:

      You’ll be surprised to find this is a body reset juice because it tastes so good it really feels more like a treat. The sweet combination of the apple and pear mask the cucumber and spinach flavor, making it a great option for a beginner - easy to make and drink.

      Recipe from Foodie Loves Fitness

      #2 Beginner Green Juice

      This is a fantastic citrusy and sweet combination that packs spinach, celery, and ginger root power in a fruity mix containing apples, lemons, and orange. So tasty, so healthy.

      Recipe from Juice Recipes

      #3 Naturally Green Sweet Reset Juice:

      High in Iron and Vitamin C this naturally sweet recipe is a perfect beginner-friendly green juice, the apple and ginger perfectly balance the parsley spinach and cucumber. If you’re wondering why spinach is used so often, it’s because its flavor is easily covered which makes it great for a juicing newbie.

      Recipe from Inspired Taste

      #4 Green Juice Bloody Mary

      It’s not all sweets and apples or pears here, you can have a spicy green juice as an alternative to kick-start your day. Very refreshing for summer or spring weather, making it a fun addition to the menu. (Note: skip the optional booze and keep it healthy!)

      Recipe from Always Order Dessert

      #5 Pineapple Cucumber Punch:

      Now, this green juice is actually a green smoothie, but it feels like a party in a glass so it might be the perfect intro drink for someone who’s not used to the texture. Combining lettuce, cucumber, chia seeds, and pineapple, you’d be surprised how fun this drink can be!

      Recipe from Green Blender

      #6 Blueberry, Spinach, Avocado Drink:

      The author describes their original face as a “grossed out one” when they first heard the combination, but they perfected the recipe to be a  superfoods blend that help “fight inflammation in your muscles” and give you an energy boost if you’re working out (or just need a boost!)

      Recipe from A Healthy Life For Me

      #7 Warm Green Juice

      That’s right you can also have a warm green juice and it does not taste like soup. This is more of a beginner-intermediate version, but it is definitely worth a try. Combining Swiss chard, collard greens, kale, and asparagus it is one of the most vegetable-rich options on the list. Give it a shot before you say no ;)

      Recipe from Well and Good

      #8 The ‘Best’ Green Smoothie:

      With ginger, coconut water, cucumber, and celery this green juice recipe is “massively hydrating” and a great way to boost your immune system, support liver reset, and clear your skin. (Remember you have to drink more than just one for results!)

      Recipe from Party in My Plants

      #9 Chocolate Mint Green Smoothie

      YES! You read that right, chocolate. Packed with protein and nutrients this is actually quite a treat, again a smoothie and not a green juice - but kale? Try using complete protein powder with it and it can even become a meal replacement. Great for kids!

      Recipe from Food Faith Fitness

      #10 Banana, Peanut Butter, and Spinach

      Another green smoothie we added to the list, this is an ideal breakfast or afternoon snack that you can easily pass off as Hulk Food (to kids and Marvel fans) that actually tastes like a banana-peanut-butter smoothie. It packs two cups of fresh spinach and we’ve also tried with 1 cup kale and 1 cup spinach to the same results! Give it a go:

      Recipe from Minimalist Baker

      Green Juice Powder

      Starting your juicing journey can be daunting at first, especially if you’re trying to make multiple lifestyle changes to get healthier.

      Finding the right tasting combination is just one part of the challenge; you also have to make time to buy the ingredients, juice them and actually drink your green juice each morning.

      Green juice powder is a fantastic alternative to juicing. 

      Plus, our superfood green juice powder has a delicious touch of mint. Don't be surprised if even your kids love the taste. 

      It takes all the nutrients and power of green vegetables (and some fruits for taste) and dehydrates them, making it optimal for nutrient absorption and super convenient for people with busy schedules. By making a concentrated powder with all the properties of the fruits and vegetables, but removing all the cutting, prepping, recipe research, and clean up, green juice powder makes it easier for a beginner juicer to start their better-help path.

      So, is green juice powder - cheating?

      To be honest, no.

      It’s a shortcut and one that supports you (or the ones you love!) on an important health journey. Everything you find to help you make better choices, stay on track, and keep yourself moving forward on your path is good.

      Green juice powder retains all the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins of the fruits and vegetables it is made with, and research shows that it can be used as a “food-based approach to combat micronutrient malnutrition."

      You’re not cheating when you’re using green juice powder, just making your life easier.

      Try Organifi’s Green Juice Powder and Green Juice “on the go” packs if you don’t feel like making the jump to spinach and kale-based juicing. Mix it with water, have it a few gulps and you’re good to go.

      Alternatively, you can try our soon-to-be-released liver reset mix which gets you pretty much all the benefits vegetable-juice has, but leveraging laser-focused plants that support your natural body reset process.

      Do it and then let us know how it went!

      Congratulations on starting to drink - and love - green juice, you won’t regret the healthier you.

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