Creating Balance In A Go-Go-Go World

Busy is a word we use as a badge of honor when in fact, it is simply a statement that removes us from the present moment and puts us into the hamster wheel of life. What if instead we referred to BUSY as unlimited abundance? Or having a abundance of blessing to accomplish and be part of?


As the founder of PLAYOLOGY, Kai is the head PLAYOLOGIST, Executive Leadership Coach and Team Building Consultant.  He has over 15 years of experience in leadership development and brings a tremendous amount of knowledge in the areas of leadership presence and effectiveness, team building, millennial management, employee engagement and organizational culture. As the go to millennial expert, he is passionate about bridging the communication and cultural gap between executives, directors, owners and millennials. Using play as the vehicle for change, he has created a unique way of improving understanding, trust and communication between the generations and teams.


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