Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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When should I take each product?

Green Juice: Reset. We recommend taking your Green Juice first thing in the morning. It’s designed to reduce your cortisol levels, curb your cravings, and gently reset anything in your system that isn’t supporting your health and happiness.

Complete Protein: Replenish. To fight mid-morning cravings, we recommend our Complete Protein. It’s a simple way to get a blend of multivitamins, digestive enzymes, healthy fat, prebiotic fiber, and plant-based protein. Enjoy this delicious, all-in-one shake any time of the day.

Red Juice: Rejuvenate. This fruity, refreshing superfood blend is designed to re-energize your body and mind with a wave of nourishing antioxidants. These fruits, herbs, and medicinal mushrooms work together to replenish your energy, lift your mood, and clear up your skin. We recommend drinking Red Juice in the morning or in the afternoon to recharge your body with this delicious fruit punch.

Gold: Restore. Get the rest you need with the most soothing ingredients!  Gold gives you powerful superfoods to help you relax so you can wake up feeling refreshed and energized.  It supports rest & relaxation, a healthy immune response and a healthy response to stress! Make yourself a warm cup each evening.

Balance: Rebalance. Lastly, before going to sleep (or first thing in the morning), take Balance to nourish your microbiome with healthy bacteria and improve your digestion of every meal.

How do you sweeten and flavor your products?

We strive to create the most effective and delicious superfood blends. In doing so, there are certain instances where we source Organic Natural Flavors. These flavors allow us to tailor to our customers desires to have not only a superfood-packed beverage, but one that they love! We source from reputable, trust-worthy companies to ensure we deliver the best quality. When available, we also use flavoring through freeze-dried fruits and berries in our products, and when we use these berries, we state them on the label.  When we need to further enhance the flavor, we use organic or natural flavors, and these are proprietary blends made with ingredients that are organic or organic compliant.  Our customers appreciate the nutritional value of our products, however, they also appreciate the great taste.  If you're looking for products without flavors, try Pure, Glow, Immunity or Harmony and Balance!

Can I take Organifi while pregnant/breastfeeding?

    From a holistic side, the products that are safe are Red Juice, Gold, Balance, Glow, Liver Reset, and Immunity; Green Juice and Pure are not recommended to take while pregnant. Many women in our community enjoy Organifi products throughout pregnancy & breastfeeding which they do with the approval from their doctor. We always suggest checking with your medical practitioner/Midwife/Lactation consultant before adding a new supplement to your diet while pregnant or nursing.

    Are your products keto-friendly?

      Most people would consider Organifi products “keto friendly,” though it depends on your specific goals.  Every single one of our products contains 2 grams of sugar or less.  Our protein shake contains 7 grams of total carbs and 3 grams of fiber.  So while you will need to make the decision for yourself, we have many long-time customers who enjoy a ketogenic diet using our superfoods. 

      How long are the products good for? Do I need to refrigerate my products? 

      Unopened Organifi products enjoy a 2-year shelf life. Once you have opened our products, they should be stored in a cool, dry place and should usually be consumed within 90 days. You are welcome to keep them in the refrigerator, but it's not needed. Organifi products are gently dehydrated so their nutrients last a long time outside the fridge.

      I can't find a scooper in my bottle. What do I do?

      First, it's very common for a scooper to find its way to the bottom of your bottle. So we definitely recommend grabbing a fork or butter knife and going on a quick scavenger hunt for the scooper buried beneath. But if you truly cannot find a scooper, you've got two options: use your own measuring spoon or request a replacement.

      If you've got a measuring spoon handy, here are the recommended doses:

      • Green / Red / Gold: a rounded 1/2 tablespoon (technically about 0.7 tbsp)
      • Protein: 2.75 tablespoons

      If you'd like to send your order back and get a replacement, we can definitely help you with that! Give our customer support team a call at 240-630-5791.


      We hear this a lot from our customers: why is my green juice powder spiking/clinging to the scoop? This happens to us once in a while too, and luckily it is nothing to worry about. It happens because of static electricity. Dry power will sometimes experience static electricity depending on the amount of humidity/moister in the air.

      For a more scientific explanation, see here.

      What is the Prop 65 warning about?

      Nothing to be afraid of! Prop 65 is a law that requires all California-based companies to add a notice on their label that the product may contain a "chemical known to the state of CA to cause cancer, birth defect, or other reproductive harm." It sounds extreme, but all it means is that our ingredients come from the ground - and California wants to make it clear that it's impossible to control every chemical and mineral in the soil. It doesn't apply specifically to Organifi, it's simply California law for natural supplements.

      If we were headquartered in another state, we wouldn't need to put it on our labels. All of our products go through rigorous third-party testing. They are certified organic and the only ingredients we use are the ones listed on the label. We created products that we wanted to take ourselves. We give these products to our children and our loved ones. Prop 65 is a state law, not a warning about our specific products. You are in good hands!

      What is the main difference between the Green Juice and the Red Juice?

        Green Juice  is an all organic green powder formulated to support cortisol levels and to help reduce stress.  It can also support resetting your system, minimizing cravings and managing a healthy weight.  Powered by amazing superfoods and adaptogens like ashwagandha, chlorella, moringa, and spirulina, Organifi Green juice is a perfect start to your morning routine!

        Red Juice is an all organic adaptogenic blend formulated to increase energy and recharge your mind. Enjoy this fruity blend of premium, organic superfoods that contains potent adaptogens, antioxidants and cordyceps that will give you lasting energy with zero caffeine.  With a sweet flavor (but only 1 gram of sugar from fruit), this superfood cocktail gives you natural energy that lasts all day. Say goodbye to the afternoon slump, and say hello to boundless clean energy.

        Both products are designed to supercharge your life, so it's hard to go wrong!

        Do you have a loyalty program?

        We absolutely do! You can learn more by visiting the Rewards page and creating your own account.

        What if I still have questions?

        We are here to support you! Reach out and get your question answered...

        • Give us a call at 240-630-5791
        • Send an email to
        • Contact us through online chat at


        I cannot take it first thing in the morning because I have to take other medicine .
        Will it work the same if I take it after breakfast?


        Just received my first green order, was amazing with flavor!!


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