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When should I take each product?

Most of our superfood blends can be enjoyed at any time, whenever best suits your needs. However, we do have some suggestions we feel may help you get the absolute most from your purchase.

Green Juice:

We recommend taking your Green Juice first thing in the morning. It’s designed to balance your cortisol levels, curb your cravings throughout the day, and gently detox anything from your system that isn’t supporting your health and happiness. Plus, when you start your day with a healthy choice, the next one becomes easier, and so on.

Red Juice:

We recommend drinking Red Juice later in the morning or in the afternoon to recharge your body with natural energy, without caffeine. This fruity, refreshing blend of superfoods, herbs, medicinal mushrooms, and adaptogens is designed to revitalize your body and mind with a wave of nourishing nutrients and antioxidants. However, because this is an energizing blend (even without caffeine), we don’t recommend taking it too close to bedtime.


Make yourself a warm cup each evening and get the rest you need with these soothing natural ingredients. Gold gives you the most powerful superfoods that help you relax so you can wake up feeling refreshed and energized (not groggy or conked out). It supports a healthy immune response, and a healthy response to stress, too.

Complete Protein:

To fight those nagging cravings for snacks, we recommend our Complete Protein. You can enjoy this delicious all-in-one shake any time you like. It’s a simple way to get a blend of multivitamins, digestive enzymes, healthy fat, prebiotic fiber, and plenty of plant-based protein with ALL your essential amino acids. It’s filling, satisfying, and so tasty, you may want it for dessert.


Pure is caffeine-free and easy to use any time of day. Whether you’re on the road, working late, or just looking for a daily brain boost, Pure will be there for you. These cleverly blended ingredients promote digestion, mood, productivity, focus, and healthy Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor levels. Smart!

Liver Reset:

These convenient on-the-go capsules can be taken at any time. We do recommend taking them before bed, to give your recovering body a boost in detoxing power. Remember, sleep is when your body goes to work repairing, rebuilding, and recharging. When your liver is working great, your whole body feels the rewards.


You can feed your immune system with one of these tasty packets at any point in the day, whenever you’re most likely to encounter unwanted germs and pathogens. You can even take two or three packets throughout the day to keep your boost going. Immunity contains zero stimulants, so most people are able to enjoy this blend in the evening without affecting their sleep cycle.

Critical Immune:

If you’re starting to feel like you may be getting sick, you can bolster your natural defenses any time of day or night with Critical Immune. The adaptogenic blend inside these capsules is formulated to support a more robust immune system and is designed for short-term use (but is still safe for daily use). Take one or two capsules daily, depending on how much extra support you need.


Most women prefer adding Harmony to their morning or midday beverage for a holistic boost of energy and vibrance, even when you’re just not feeling very vibrant (and no matter the time of the month). The hormone-balancing effects of these synergistic ingredients are best seen after consistent daily use. Many of our fans enjoy adding it to their morning coffee – yummy mocha! Because this blend is energizing (even though it’s caffeine-free), we don’t recommend taking it too close to bedtime.


Drink Glow anytime for a skin-supporting blast of raspberry-lemon taste. Most of our fans seem to enjoy Glow midday or early afternoon, with 8 to 12 ounces of ice water. It sure makes for a refreshing afternoon cooler, and one with beautifying adaptogenic benefits, too!

Peak Power:

This energizing, hydrating blend actually contains caffeine from black tea and is perfect for a morning or afternoon pre-workout (or pre-board-meeting) drink. Black tea caffeine is easier on the body and doesn’t have the same negative effects as coffee, yet it offers a great boost to alertness and focus. However, because of the long-lasting half-life of caffeine, we do not recommend drinking it before bedtime. It’s never worth losing sleep!

Chaga Chai:

Like Peak Power, this delicious spiced morning brew also contains black tea caffeine. It makes a great replacement for coffee, and it won’t give you the jitters like coffee often does. It has all the “pick you up”, and none of the “bring you down”. Keep in mind: not all caffeine is alike, but it is still caffeine – so make sure you don’t drink it at any time that may affect your sleep cycle.


How do you sweeten and flavor your products?

We use natural ingredients in our products like real freeze-dried fruits and berries. We use real cacao beans, real vanilla, real cinnamon, and more. When we need to enhance the flavor further, we use monk fruit and natural organic flavors. These flavors are proprietary blends made with ingredients that are organic or organic-compliant. We source from only the most reputable and trustworthy companies to ensure we deliver the best quality possible. When we use these flavors, we state them clearly on the label. 

We strive to create the most effective and powerful superfood blends, while also making them the most delicious. We understand that using words on our label like “Natural Flavors” may be off-putting, but rest assured, we’ve done the hard work to find the flavors that meet or exceed our expectations for quality and safety. These flavors allow us to tailor to your desires to have a superfood-packed beverage that you’ll truly love to enjoy.

For more information, take a look here.


Can I take Organifi while pregnant/breastfeeding?

Many women in our community enjoy Organifi products throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding (which they do with the approval of their doctor). We always suggest checking with your medical practitioner/midwife/lactation consultant before adding a new supplement to your diet while pregnant or nursing.

Are your products keto-friendly?

Most people would consider Organifi products “keto-friendly,” though it depends on your specific goals. We keep our blends as low-sugar as possible, but we don’t eliminate sugar entirely. Every single one of our products contains 3 grams of sugar or less. So while you must make the decision yourself, we have many long-time customers who enjoy a ketogenic diet using our superfood blends.

How long are the products good for? Do I need to refrigerate my products? 

Once you have opened our products, they should be stored in a cool, dry place and should usually be consumed within 90 days. You are welcome to keep them in the refrigerator, but it’s not needed. Organifi products are gently dehydrated so their nutrients last a long time outside the fridge.

I can’t find a scooper in my bottle. What do I do?

It’s very common for the scooper to work its way to the bottom of your bottle. We recommend grabbing a fork or butter knife and going on a quick scavenger hunt for the scooper buried beneath (be careful, though – that powder can spill everywhere). If you truly cannot find a scooper, don’t worry. You can simply reach out to us and request a replacement.

If you’d like to send your order back and get a replacement, we can definitely help you with that. Give our customer support team a call at 760-487-8587.

Why does Organifi sometimes spike/cling to the scoop?

We hear this a lot from our customers, and it happens to us once in a while too. Luckily, it’s nothing to worry about. It’s just harmless static electricity. Dry powder will sometimes experience static electricity depending on the air's humidity or moisture. That electricity travels in waves that make those spiky patterns with the powder. Neat, right? (Sorry, we’re still science nerds, too.)

What is the “Prop 65” warning about?

It’s really nothing to be afraid of. Prop 65 is a law that requires all California-based companies to add a notice on their label that the product may contain a “chemical known to the state of CA to cause cancer, birth defect, or other reproductive harm.” 

It sounds extreme, but it simply means that our ingredients come from the ground – and California wants to make it clear that it’s impossible to control every chemical and mineral in the soil. If we were headquartered in any other state, we wouldn’t need to put it on our labels. In fact, you’ll find the same warning all over the place – everything from prune juice to potato chips, bottled water to alcoholic beverages, and even clothing items, and furniture. 

Here’s the problem: Prop 65 is not used to measure or quantify any given levels of anything considered toxic. It only warns of the possible presence.

That’s why all of our products go through rigorous third-party testing, above and beyond what’s required of us. We are USDA Certified Organic, which requires strict testing for heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and many other chemicals commonly found in crops and soils as well as in finished products. Our crops are routinely tested – as well as every single batch of our finished product – to maintain our USDA Organic Seal. We don’t stop there, either. We’re certified Glyphosate-Residue-Free, NON-GMO Project Verified, and much more. The only ingredients we use are the ones listed on our labels. We create products that we want to take ourselves.

In summary: Prop 65 is a California state law, not a warning about Organifi or our specific products.

What is the main difference between Green Juice and Red Juice (Or Any Other Blend)?

Each of our superfood blends is formulated to help achieve and support a different effect. For example…

Green Juice is an all-organic greens powder formulated to support balanced cortisol levels and help reduce stress. It also supports detoxing your system and minimizing cravings, which helps with managing a healthy weight. Powered by amazing superfoods and adaptogens like ashwagandha, chlorella, moringa, and spirulina, Green juice is a perfect start to your morning routine.

Red Juice is an all-organic adaptogenic blend formulated to increase energy and recharge your motivation. This fruity blend will give you lasting energy with zero caffeine. With a sweet flavor (but only 2 grams of naturally occurring sugar from fruit), this potent superfood punch gives you the natural motivation to last all day.

All our products are designed to supercharge your daily wellness and your overall quality of life, so it’s hard to go wrong!

Do you have a loyalty program?

We certainly do, and it’s easy to join. Just visit our Loyalty Rewards page right here, and create your own account. It’s quick, simple, and free to join!

What if I still have questions?

We are here to support you. Reach out and get your question answered...

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    I love the green, red and gold! I mix the red and green in the morning with frozen pineapple and water for a huge smoothie. It fills me up and keeps me satisfied throughout the day. I enjoy the gold blended in warm cashew milk to help me relax in the evening and get a great night’s sleep.


    The green powder tastes AMAZING with water and protein powder. It really brings out the mint flavor.


    I just received my order right on the date you specified. I had the first serving with spring water alone in a shaker bottle . I was pleased with the smell the texture and the taste. This morning I began my smoothie regimen for weight loss and overall health improvement with baby kale, sprouts, onion, and banana, I love the deep green color and I feel great, this is going to be good. Thanks for making a superb product!

    Marsha J. Hubbard

    I take the red and green at the same time, mixed with coconut water first thing in the morning!

    Melissa S

    GOLD . . . a wonderful taste! I simmer on the stove, and instead of drinking warm, I put it over ice. It tastes like a pumpkin spike . . . really delicious!


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