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Not sure what you want? Here is a quick breakdown of all the organic, vegan, non-gmo superfood products we have to offer:

Organifi Green Juice

An 11-superfood blend that includes ashwagandha, matcha, chlorella, spirulina, lemon and beets. We sent Organifi Green Juice to third party clinical trials where it was found to help lower cholesterol, improve weight loss efforts, improve symptoms of depression and boost overall quality of life. Unlike other green juice formulas, ours tastes minty fresh and amazing.

Organifi Red Juice

Our brand new superfood powder blend, Organifi Red Juice is packed with the world’s most potent anti-aging, metabolism and energy boosting fruits and mushrooms! Acai, raspberries, blueberries, cranberries, cordyceps, reishi and more nutrient-dense superfoods that come out tasting like a sweet kool-aid. Despite the fruit extracts and delicious flavor, a serving contains just ONE gram of sugar.

Organifi Complete Protein

We took the best plant-based proteins, unique digestive enzymes and whole-foods based vitamins and combined them into one delicious protein shake powder that doubles as a multi-vitamin. It tastes like ice cream, comes in chocolate or vanilla and is an excellent addition to any fitness or weight-loss diet regimen.  

Daily Turmeric

With over 9,000 studies documenting its medicinal benefits, turmeric is one of our very favorite super-spices. That’s why we made our own supplement, combined with black pepper to enhance bioavailability and potency. Turmeric is one of the strongest anti-inflammatory plants on the planet and can help with joint pain, aches and pains, immune system strength, mood improvement and more.

Biotic Balance

10 broad spectrum super strain probiotics, 50 billion colony forming units, easy to take, vegan and gluten free, our Biotic Balance is of the highest quality and only needs to be taken once daily. Improve your gut health and you will find that your immune system, mood, digestion and much more will improve as well.

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