How To Get The Most Out Of Organifi Green Juice

Hello! If you’re reading this, consider yourself a conscious consumer.

Why do we say that?

Well for starters, you’re browsing an article about green juice, superfoods, and the power of plants. Pretty sure that automatically categorizes you as someone who cares about their health.

Maybe you just began a new transformation, and you’re trying to decide if scrolling a blog post counts as taking your health seriously. (It does.)

Or maybe you’ve weathered a few health storms, found a good path after trial and error, and are just looking to expand your wellness wisdom. (We see you, fellow warrior!

Whatever your story is, it’s important. 

Because it brought you here, which automatically puts you with us, the other conscious consumers of the world. And we’re so glad you’re here.

Without you, we wouldn’t get to do what we do everyday; helping people just like you - just like us - be the best we can be.  

So believe us when we say:

We’re in this together!

As conscious consumers, we thrive on

  • We seek good things to put in our bodies (like superfoods from the earth, free of harmful chemicals like glyphosate) 
  • We surround ourselves with good people (like the Organifi Customer Success Coaches, who guide us through our wellness journeys, lifting us up when we need it) 
  • We give and receive good energy (with positive affirmations for others, as well as some for ourselves). 

Conscious consumers use the goodness all around them to heal from within.

And it’s with this mindset that we invite you to take a deeper look at how certain choices we make can lead to healthier habits in the long run. 

So take a deep breath, thank yourself for wanting to learn more, and get ready to see how the things you consume  - from the words on this page to the superfoods in your glass - are all helping you become a better you. 

Organifi Green Juice: The Goodness Within

Congratulations on taking the first step to lasting transformation!

We knew we wanted to do things differently when we set out to create our green juice.

It wasn’t just a throwaway idea for a sugary energy drink that would rot everyone’s teeth out.  Yikes.

And it wasn’t just some weight loss fad that would fade into oblivion like the smelly Cabbage Soup Diet of the 1980’s.  Ew.

No...our mission is backed by something bigger: a desire to help people experience the body balance that they’d been craving. To help them feel better, more energetic, more like their best selves again.

We talked to experts, pored over research, and searched the world for the most powerful superfoods we could find. 

We sought out superfoods that gave benefits far beyond what people could get from a multivitamin or other supplements. 

And we packed it into a powder so you could have the superpowers right at your fingertips, in the comfort of your home. 

Organifi Green Juice surpassed even our own expectations from the very beginning - and continues to do so with every batch we make.

What’s so great about having superpowers if you don’t use them?

As a conscious consumer, you already know that Organifi Green Juice contains 11 of the world’s best superfoods, in amounts you can feel, working together to bring your body back to balance, helping you enjoy wellness the way it was meant to be enjoyed. 

But you also know it’s not enough to just order it. 

You have to LIVE IT, too.

The key to any lasting transformation is to make a promise to yourself…

By committing to yourself that you’ll be consistent and will remain conscious of your thoughts, actions, and behaviors - you’re setting yourself up for success. 

This means that you promise to enjoy Organifi Green Juice as many days as you possibly can - because, let’s face it, life gets in the way of our plane sometimes. And it’s hard to do something - especially something new - every single day. 

So make yourself that promise right now.

“I will begin each day with the intention of drinking Organifi Green Juice at least once.” 

And as you use it to get through your tough workweek...

Or as a reset from a particularly indulgent weekend...

Or because you just want to feel GOOD more days than you feel bad…

Remember that there’s nothing that can come between you and the promise you made yourself.

Because YOU are a conscious consumer, and you’re ready to reap the reward of positive change.

A Green Juice a Day

Organifi Green Juice is best enjoyed first thing in the morning - supporting your body’s daily reset and natural processes. 

Just mix a scoop (or pour a travel pack) into a glass, bottle, or thermos of cold water for a refreshing beverage - OR stir into a hot mug and sip it like a tea!

Everyday, it’s helping you:

  1. Stay Balanced: Balancing the stress hormone known as cortisol with a clinical dose of Ashwagandha, which contains bio-active molecular compounds (glycosides) that reduce spikes in cortisol (which can cause disruptions in energy, appetite, mood, and sleep - with negative effects on weight management.) Ashwagandha allows for lowered cortisol,  healthier responses to stress, and an increased ability in maintaining ideal energy and weight.
  2. Stay Hydrated: The hydrating coconut water in Green Juice replenishes your body first thing in the AM, or whenever you need some extra refreshment! We are in awe of the power of hydration and it’s critical role in the body’s ability to manage toxins and support achieving a healthy weight. For this reason, if you’ve lost focus on getting your water in - here’s your reminder to cover the essentials! We recommend getting at least 8-10 glasses daily of water., regardless of your Green Juice intake.
  3. Stay the Course: Feeling the afternoon lull? Getting too close to the snack cabinet? Instead of reaching for caffeine or cookies to fuel up your afternoon, try pouring yourself a Green Juice instead! The nutrients will help keep your cells nourished and you energized and on track, without spoiling dinner - or your goals.

Your Green Juice, Your Green Way

You made the first move, now let’s do the whole dance! 

We believe that health and wellness is optimized with a holistic approach.

So whether you’re drinking Green Juice like it’s going out of style - or enjoying it as often as you can without feeling overwhelmed - there are other things you can do to make sure you’re experiencing your best results. 

First, figure out what YOU want to get out of this.

Are you in it for a whole body change? Or are you just looking to make small adjustments to your daily routine?

Next, decide how you’ll keep it interesting.

Check out our Green Juice recipe blogs to liven up your daily cooking and beverage options!

What to Expect

Conscious consumers know that each day is an opportunity to benefit from good choices.

So, as you’re nourishing your body with a single serving of Green Juice every single day, here are some things you can look forward to.

(Obviously, every person is different so experiences may vary - but one thing remains constant: what you do today WILL impact your life tomorrow. And every day after that.)

Feel the sense of momentum and confidence as you build healthy lifestyle habits (go you!). On top of that, an increase in energy and better bowel movements throughout the day (go #2!). 


After consistent consumption, your body will begin to use the adaptogens in Green Juice more effectively. You may notice feeling more energetically balanced, sense a decrease in the effects of stress, and experience an overall increase in calmness. Your energy levels may even continue to rise, making your day-to-day tasks and duties a breeze.


You may be beginning to feel the urge to get outside more - maybe for a short walk to enjoy the sunshine or jog to get your blood pumping! You might notice that you don’t have as many highs and lows when it comes to your mood during the day.  Your immune system might even feel more balanced and you are feeling more confident about your body’s ability to heal!


Congrats! *insert crowd cheering* You made it through the first 30-days! If you’ve been drinking everyday, that clinical dose of Ashwagandha will really start to make a difference in ways you can feel! You will likely feel a heightened level of energy that is consistent each day.  (The best part is, it’s a stable energy, not the jittery kind of energy that can come with caffeine.) You may feel clearer in your mind, more focused in your actions, and more intentional in your behaviors or emotional moments. Daily stressors are no match for you! (Seriously, what a boss.) 


Long term consistent use of Green Juice has the potential to restore your body’s optimal digestion and bowel movements, reduce cravings, increase immunity, improve energy, show noticeable physical results (as a result of incorporating our recommended lifestyle habits), and help your body and mind better adapt to stressors.

You can relax the mind and body even more with our team's curated collection of meditation tracks.



You made it this, let’s see how much farther you can go!

As you continue your journey, don’t forget: You can rely on us to be there with you.

Get a complimentary intro call with an Organifi Success Coach.

Simply click the link below to reserve your spot:

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I enjoy my green juice, then vanilla protein shake. Aternoon red juice, and evening warm gold drink! Organifi is very much a part of my day everyday 😃 I am very thankful that I have found this amazing group! Thank you Organifi !!!


Best decision I have every made in life was to step out in faith a gave Organifi a try. Thank you all for your dedication to good health. May GOD continue to bless us a with great long lasting health and wealth!! AMEN! Thank you!


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