Crush Cravings with these Cocoa Superfood Balls

We have a fun way to stop sugar cravings: chocolate.

Yes! Chocolate - but the good kind.

Not the Dutched, caramelized, and milky candy bar at the movie theater stand.

If you’ve been paying attention, you know the effects of chocolate on the brain justify a choco-snack every once in a while. At our headquarters, this close to the holidays, that’s pretty much every week. 

The holidays give us sugar munchies! 

There are so many windows dressed in scrumptious, soft, and fluffy cupcakes. Pastries bathed in glistening dark chocolate frosting sprinkled with sugar powder and jelly berries. There are seven-layer chocolate cake slices staring at us from every corner.

And we get hungry - we’re only human here!

But we’re not interested in throwing away our fitness efforts and health out the (cupcake-store) window. 

Research shows that chocolate is not just good for the brain and skin; it’s also a satisfying superfood that can help control or reduce appetite.

Basically, you get to stop sugar cravings AND potentially lose weight as you avoid overeating - by eating chocolate. 

Sign. Me. Up.

However, not all chocolate can do that; the high proportions of sugar, milk, and other additives in regular candy bars, cookies, and even protein bars, may neutralize the antioxidants in chocolate.

We like to focus on natural ways to stop sugar cravings without sacrificing our taste buds at the altar of deprivation.

We’re not about that.

Enter our Cocoa Superfood Balls - rich in protein and healthy chocolate.

Filled with healthy and nutritious ingredients, these superfood protein balls will satisfy your cravings, make your tongue happy, and keep your waistline in check.

Hell yes!


How to Stop Sugar Cravings With Cocoa Superfood Protein Balls

By now, you probably know the holidays are all about family, chocolate, parties, pumpkin pies... and gaining weight.

Almost no one likes that last part. 

That’s why come New Year’s Eve, lots of people have “get fit and healthy” in their top five new year resolutions. But if you learn how to curb sugar cravings around the holidays, or at least how to control them, you’ll likely be able to change that resolution to “keep up the good work.”

Eat your dessert without gaining weight and messing with your health during the holidays! It’s possible when you choose healthy snacks like these cocoa superfood protein balls.


  • Dairy-Free
  • Low Sugar
  • High in Cocoa Flavonoids (appetite suppressant!)
  • Rich in Complete Protein
  • Satisfying, and
  • Delicious!

The rockstar ingredients in these superfood protein balls are our very own Organifi Complete Protein and Organifi Gold, Chocolate.


To stop sugar cravings, you must learn to feed your body in ways that maintain blood sugar levels and avoid insulin spikes. 

We’ve put together ingredients that help your body feel satisfied for longer, have essential dietary fiber, and are science-backed sugar craving stoppers.

Cocoa Flavonoids Stop Sugar Cravings 

Research shows that dark chocolate (70% cocoa or more) stops sugar cravings, lessens the need for sweet foods, in addition to salty and fatty foods with cocoa flavonoids. 

Peer-reviewed studies suggest that cocoa, the edible byproduct of cacao beans contains "more phenolic antioxidants than most foods" which may directly influence insulin resistance. 

This growing body of evidence indicates that cocoa may do more than stop sugar cravings, it could steer you away from chips and salty snacks as well.

Protein Makes You Feel Fuller Longer

To stop sugar cravings, we also need to slow down hunger - cue protein. 

We need protein to build muscle, protect our bones, grow nails and have shiny hair. It’s not just to bulk up. Your body tends to take a little longer to process protein, which means you’re satisfied for longer. Hunger is your body’s way of asking for fuel!

Some studies show that even though most adults need only about 6 to 7 ounces of protein per day, a diet rich in proteins where up to 35% of your calories come from this food group, can lead to increased satiety and decreased appetite spikes. 

Our protein balls leverage our Chocolate Complete Protein powder, an organic and plant-based superfood mix made of pea, quinoa, and pumpkin seed protein. Topped off with a healthy dose of digestive enzymes that makes absorption easy-peasy for your body.

They have the potential to satisfy your hunger, indulge your taste buds, support your immune system, stop sugar cravings, and help your weight loss goals.

Sugary Foods Make You Feel Less Satisfied

We probably don’t need to explain how you get sugar cravings in the first place, but just so you know processed and added sugar tends to be both addictive and unsatisfying in the long run.

Due to the effects of sugar on brain chemistry, it may affect memory, learning capabilities, and activate the same dependency neural pathways other addictions have.

Furthermore, excessive sugar consumption may lead to insulin spikes, insulin resistance and trick you into eating more of it to “feel” more energetic. If that’s not a reason to stop sugar cravings in their tracks, I don’t know what is.


Gold, Chocolate is full of antioxidants, low in sugar, diabetic-friendly, can naturally help stop sugar cravings, lower your stress levels, and improve energy levels. That’s why we’ve added it to the mix.

It also supports the immune system giving the adrenal glands a break and injecting potent antioxidants into your body.

It’s made with the highest quality of cocoa and infused with remedying superfoods, including turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, Reishi mushrooms, and more.



These dense superfood protein balls are inspired by our trendy pumpkin spice protein balls and can also be made less chocolatey if they’re too intense for your liking, by subbing the protein powder for the vanilla flavor one. 

We played around with the recipe and incorporated raw oats for digestive support, honey for immune system support, almond milk for bone strengthening, sea salt for electrolyte balance and nut butter for cardiovascular health.

The result is fantastic – they are the perfect snack to carry around in your tote bag, make a great bite-sized breakfast, and also serve as a post-workout treat!

We like to have them as a mid-afternoon snack when energy is diving at 2 PM in our headquarters. 

Let’s Make them!

Superfood Protein Balls with Cocoa

Note: 2 balls make one serving. To stop sugar cravings, have one serving, to replace a meal like breakfast have two or three servings tops with a healthy juice.


  • ½ cup Organifi Complete Protein (also available in Vanilla for a softer chocolate flavor)
  • 1.5 cups raw oats
  • ¼ cup Gold, Chocolate 
  • ½ cup peanut butter or almond butter
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • 2 tbsp raw honey (substitute with molasses, agave, or raw maple syrup if vegan)
  • Splash of unsweetened almond milk


Mix the first six ingredients together until thoroughly blended. Add honey or your choice of sweetener and a splash of almond milk to combine and mix until you can roll the dough into balls. Place in the fridge.

Eat when firm! Boom. Goodbye sugar munchies. 

If you’re in need of a choco frenzy (the holidays got to you, your friend got dumped via text, the kids are driving you crazy), then go ahead and enjoy our superfood protein balls with a nice hot chocolate alternative - a cup of our Gold infusion! Chocolate, pumpkin spice, or regular.  

The best part is that these superfood protein balls are not just for the holidays, but can become a regular way to add sweetness to your life.

Tag us in your photos if you make these or have other tips on how to curb sugar cravings!

We're in this together.


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