The Mighty Magnesium: Mineral of Life!

Magnesium is one of the most important nutrients our body needs to live. However, about 80% of the population is magnesium deficient. Not getting enough magnesium can result in headaches, muscle aches, fatigue, brain fog, and more. As a cofactor, it helps enzymes carry out hundreds, maybe even thousands of continuous biochemical reactions like:

  • Creating energy from food
  • Making new proteins from amino acids
  • Assisting in muscle contractions
  • Relaxation for better rest
  • And so much more!

Magnesium is ESSENTIAL for our body to thrive. Stressed? Sore? Just need a pick-me-up? Give magnesium a shot.

Which Magnesium Is Best?

Organifi Essential Magnesium contains a highly bioavailable form of this critical mineral, magnesium glycinate. It’s considered one of the most effective types of magnesium supplements due to its fast-acting nature, absorbability, and tolerance. Since magnesium glycinate has better absorption than other forms, it is also much less likely to upset your stomach or cause diarrhea.

How Organifi Essential Magnesium Helps:

  • Supports Cellular Energy/ATP Production

    Our metabolism is like an arcade. ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) represents the tokens, and our cells are the video games. Without the tokens, our cells can’t start, and we can’t play. ATP needs magnesium to power cellular functions, including our mitochondria’s ability to create more energy from food. It is a coenzyme that is responsible for transporting energy within our cells which fuels our metabolism. Magnesium is the machine that turns your cash into tokens. Without it, your metabolism and ATP are just standing in line.

  • Optimizes Your Exercise Performance

    We need magnesium to relax our muscles and avoid aching or cramping. It’s responsible for metabolic functions, including the production of energy and oxygen use. That means it’s beneficial in reducing lactic acid buildup during vigorous exercise. Additionally, calcium is used by your cells as an excitatory cofactor for muscle contractions and nerve pulse. Magnesium helps active transporters pump calcium back out. Insufficient magnesium may prevent calcium from properly being flushed, which can overstimulate the cells, damage them, and even lead to cell death (which only causes more soreness).

  • Promotes Bone Health

    50-70% of the body’s magnesium is stored in our bones. Magnesium stimulates the production of calcitonin, the hormone responsible for inhibiting cells (osteoclasts) that break bone down, and activates alkaline phosphatase, an enzyme that forms new calcium crystals in bones. That means magnesium can help prevent the breaking down of bones resulting in osteoporosis. Since we were young, we have been told vitamin D is vital for healthy bones. Well, magnesium regulates key enzymes that convert vitamin D into the active form used by the body.

  • Supports Relaxation and a Positive Mood

    There is no doubt that we live in a very stressful world. Stress causes us to excrete more magnesium through urine. Essential Magnesium can promote a healthy stress response by regulating neurotransmitters and balancing GABA, your body’s primary inhibitory neurotransmitter, to help you relax. Magnesium acts like the brake of our nervous system, keeping it from being stuck in overdrive.

An Essential Element, Indeed

From our nervous system to our cells, magnesium could be the unsung hero for optimal wellness. Try Organifi Essential Magnesium and discover even more benefits from this versatile mineral.

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