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How Green Juice Can Help Your Body Detox and Reduce Inflammation

How Green Juice Can Help Your Body Detox and Reduce Inflammation

Are you experiencing aches and pains, low energy, low mental clarity or disease in your body? Are you ready to make it stop, try a green juice detox for full body detox, and start living your life to the fullest, being vibrant, healthy and energetic?

Chances are that your aches, pains, lack of energy, fatigue, low mental function, and health issues are related to chronic inflammation in your body. 

Though chronic inflammation can lead to some serious health problems and compromised quality of life, the good news is that chronic inflammation is NOT a life sentence.

You can reduce and completely eliminate chronic inflammation from your life once and for all through healthy nutrition and lifestyle (including the help of a green juice detox). 

Green juice is one of the key players that can help you create health, energy and vibrant happiness instead of inflammation, pain and disease. Trying a green juice detox and simply adding more green juice to your diet to help your body detox can make a real difference.

Let's see how. But first, let's learn what inflammation is, then dive into how can you fight it through the power of green juice and detox.

    What Is Inflammation?

    You probably hear the word inflammation being thrown around on a daily basis. But what is inflammation?

    Generally speaking, inflammation is your body's immune system's response to some stimulus, such as harmful bacteria, virus, toxin, injury, or a disease. Think about inflammation as your immune system's way of fighting the bad guys that may cause harm to your body.

    Wait, does that mean that inflammation is a good thing?

    It depends. It can be. There is a difference between acute and chronic inflammation though.

    What is acute inflammation?

    Acute inflammation is your body's initial response to an injury or irritant to reduce harm and to protect your body. 

    There is a long list of things that can lead to acute inflammation, including:

    • Physical trauma (punch, kick, fall, accident, etc.)
    • Infection by pathogens (bacterial, viral, fungal)
    • Burn (sun, fire, chafing, etc.)
    • Chemical irritants (pesticides, pollution, commercial beauty and cleaning products, etc.)
    • Frostbite
    • Stabbing, cuts and other injuries
    • Allergic reactions (bites, chemicals, food, plants, animals, etc.)

    What happens when you experience acute inflammation?

    If you cut your finger preparing vegetables for your green juice detox, your finger may bleed, hurt and turn red. If you accidentally trip on your shoelaces and hit your knee, your knee may turn red and swell up and you will experience pain. If you come across some poison ivy or get bit by a mosquito, the same thing may happen, along with some potential itching too.

    In all cases, the injury or irritant causes your blood vessels to widen, increasing blood flow and allowing plasma and leukocytes to get to the site of impact quickly. This will lead to some swelling, redness, heat, itching, pain, discomfort or even loss of feeling.

    Acute inflammation is actually a good thing. Let me explain why. 

    The increased blood flow makes the site of injury warm and red, but it also allows for the clean up of pathogens with the help of some leukocytes.

    The swelling makes the injured, irritated or otherwise hurt body part sensitive, which causes you to be more careful. Swelling also allows the area to hold lots of leukocytes and plasma that will aid in your recovery.

    Pain is another signal for your body to be careful and to give your body some rest and time to heal.

    Even loss of function is helpful, as it prevents re-injury.

    Acute inflammation happens quickly, but it doesn't last long. Acute inflammation can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks until complete recovery is achieved.

    What is chronic inflammation?

    Inflammation becomes a problem when it turns chronic. This means that inflammation, that theoretically should be a good thing, has turned haywire and is now causing problems in your body.

    Chronic inflammation turns into a long-term, often seemingly never-ending story without any known cause or clear symptoms. Chronic inflammation can even be hidden when you are not even aware it's there, just feeling frustrated experiencing unexplained pain and other unpleasant symptoms.

    What causes chronic inflammation?

    There are various reasons and triggers that can create chronic inflammation in your body, most of them are caused by lifestyle, including:

    • Toxic diets high in processed foods, processed sugar, artificial ingredients, chemicals for non-organic produce
    • Foods that your body may be allergic or sensitive to, including some common food allergens, such as gluten, dairy, nuts, corn, etc.
    • Excessive omega-6 intake and low omega-3 intake (omega-6 is highly inflammatory, while omega-3s are highly anti-inflammatory)
    • Lack of sleep and lack of rest
    • Stress, especially chronic stress
    • Lack of or little movement
    • Excessive exercise without enough recovery and refueling
    • Poor gut health 
    • Lack of or little time in nature
    • Poor recovery from acute stress, such as not taking enough rest, exercising with an injury, or not following your PT's orders
    • Psychological stress

    As can you see, causes of chronic inflammation are often not visible. 

    If you are being hit by a softball, fall off your bike, cut your finger or get bit by a spider, you see the cause of your injury and experience immediate swelling, redness, and pain.

    On the other hand, psychological stressors, a bad diet, lack of sleep, chronic stress, or lack of exercise may not be as visible. They don't lead to immediate effects either but add up over time. You won't experience swelling from skipping the gym one day, saying no to a green juice detox drink, sleeping only 4 hours one time, eating one Oreo, skipping the body detox benefits of sitting in a sauna, or spending one day at a stressful job.

    However, each experience, each choice, each day lived with these stressors due to poor lifestyle choices add up. Slowly you will start experiencing more pains and aches, less energy, less mental clarity. Too much of the 'bad stuff' and too little body detox can lead to chronic inflammation and health problems over time.

    It may happen so slowly that you may not notice it until you experience some serious health issue. You may even think that you were healthy all along and that this disease has just popped up out of nowhere. But the truth is that continuous actions, such as not drinking a single green juice detox drink for several years and long-term chronic inflammation has likely led to your issue.

    But how to know if you are suffering from chronic inflammation in the first place? Aside from noticing your unhealthy behaviors, watch your symptoms.

    Am I Suffering From Inflammation? 

    Symptoms of chronic inflammation may include:

    • Ongoing and/or chronic pain in your body, including joint pains, muscle pains, headaches, fibromyalgia, etc.
    • Constant fatigue, lack of energy
    • High blood pressure
    • Blood sugar issues
    • Weight gain
    • IBS, ulcers, another stomach, and digestive issues
    • Allergies and asthma
    • Frequent colds and compromised immunity
    • Skin problems
    • Lethargy, low mood, depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues
    • Lack of mental clarity, lessened memory, and other compromised mental functions
    • Other chronic health issues and disease

    Though there isn't a single test that can one-hundred percent test for chronic inflammation, you may want to ask your doctor to check the following markers:

    • Elevated High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein (HS-CRP)
    • SED rate
    • High levels of Homocysteine
    • Elevated Ferritin in the blood
    • Elevated HDL
    • Elevated Monocytes can be a secondary indicator of inflammation
    • Elevated Blood Glucose is a leading indicator of inflammation
    • Omega-3 and Omega-6 ratio

    If you are experiencing any of the symptoms above or your blood tests indicate chronic inflammation in your body, it is time to do something about it.

    What should you do though? Drink green juice, of course - it is your best soldier against inflammation! 

    Becoming a green juice detox warrior and a body detox king or queen may transform your health completely!

    But what is green juice anyway and why is green juice detox so good for your body? Let's find out.

    What Is Green Juice?

    Green juice is by far one of the healthiest drinks you can fuel your body with. Green juice is made out of greens, vegetables, and a few fruits to energize and remedy your body through real food goodness. No wonder that green juice detoxes are so popular. They fill your body with endless goodness.

    Unlike smoothies, green juice is made with the help of juice, instead of a blend or food processor. This means that when you drink a glass of green juice detox drink, your body can receive all the nutrients quicker than from a smoothie. This can enhance your digestion and overall body detox.

    What does green juice contain?

    Green juice supplies your body with an abundance of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, and phytonutrients. Green juice is also filled with chlorophyll, the green pigment of plants that can regenerate your blood cells, help your cells function, detox your body, reduce inflammation, improve your immune system and your gut health, regulate your blood sugar and help boost your recovery process.

    By removing the fiber, you can ensure that all the goodness reaches your bloodstream quickly boosting your body detox, energy levels, and overall health.

    What does green juice taste like?

    If you are worried that green juice may taste... well, green, you can stop worrying now.

    Green juice is actually delicious.

    By adding a half or a piece of low-GI fruit, such as a green apple, some lemon or lime and perhaps some ginger, you will be able to enjoy a smooth and yummy body detox drink. Green juices made with sweet root veggies, such as beets or carrots, are actually very sweet, while those made with lots of cucumbers and celery are light and refreshing. 

    If you are new to juicing, you may want to add some lighter veggies, such as cucumber and celery and sweeter roots, such as carrots, or an entire apple, instead of a half of one. As time goes on, you will quickly graduate to green juice detox recipes filled with lots of darker leafy greens and fewer fruits.

    With so many green juice detox recipes and greens and veggies out there, your options for green juice for health and body detox are endless. The formula I will show you later in this post gives you a bullet-proof guide to creating the best green juice every time. The rest is up to your creativity (or recipe search). 

    Drinking a variety of green juices is important for any green juice detox or regular daily juicing regiment. It can help to avoid boredom and entertain your taste buds. More importantly, it can ensure that you receive a large variety of nutrients from a variety of sources benefiting your body detox and fighting inflammation together.

    Why Should You Drink Green Juice For Inflammation?

    If you want to reduce inflammation in your body, nutrition is your number one priority.

    It is very important to decrease acidic foods, such as processed food, processed sugar, artificial ingredients and pretty much anything packaged.

    Instead, you want to increase alkaline forming whole foods, including greens, vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, and certain seeds. Eating healthy fats, especially with omega 3-s, such as pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, and chia seeds and drinking plenty of alkaline water is also important.

    Drinking green juice is your best friend when it comes to fighting inflammation. Packed with anti-inflammatory and alkaline forming greens and vegetables, it is powerful against inflammation, pain, and disease. No wonder I advocate for green juice detox every day!

    By removing all the fiber, it allows all the nutrients to get to your cells as quickly as possible and do its magic.

    By adding alkaline forming lemons, inflammation-fighting ginger or turmeric and remedying superfoods, like spirulina or chlorella, you can boost the inflammation-fighting superpowers of your juice.

    Aside from reducing inflammation in your body, green juice has plenty of other benefits. Green juice helps a full body detox and transformation on a cellular level. 

      Other Benefits Of Green Juice 

      How to Make Green Juice

      Follow These Steps For The Best Green Juice

      Step 1: A Base With Hydrating Vegetables

      For a good base, the best vegetables for juicing are the most hydrating vegetables. 

      Good options: cucumber, celery

      Step 2: Leafy Greens And Herbs

      You will also need some leafy greens. 

      Good options: kale, spinach, lettuce, collard greens,

      Adding herbs is also a great idea for green juice detox drinks.

      Good options: parsley, cilantro, basil

      Step 3: Fruit Or Sweet Vegetables

      To make your green juice sweeter, while keeping its body detox benefits, you want to add some fruits to the mix too. You don’t want anything too sweet and you certainly don’t want too much of it to raise your blood sugar. Half a green apple is plenty.

      Good options: apple, pear, Asian pear, pineapple

      For sweetness and other benefits (eg. liver cleansing), you can also add some sweet root vegetables.

      Good options: beets, carrots

      Step 4: Lemon Or Lime

      To make green vegetable juice, you also want to add some lemon to your juice. Lemon is very alkalizing, cleansing, body detoxing, great for your digestion and makes your juice taste much better.

      Good options: whole lemon with skin, lemon juice, whole lime with skin, lime juice

      Step 5: Superfoods

      Lastly, if you are truly looking for the best vegetable juice for your everyday green juice detox, you want to add some superfood goodies. If you are adding ginger or turmeric, you can just juice the fresh roots. If you are using powders, mix them into your juice once it’s ready.

      Good options: ginger, turmeric, spirulina, chlorella, Organifi Green Juice Powder, Organifi Red Juice Powder

      What if your green juice is not green?

      If your green juice doesn't turn out green, don't worry. Green juice doesn't refer to the color, but to the fact that you've used greens and vegetables for your juice. Non-Green vegetable juice is still perfect for your green juice detox providing endless body detox benefits.

      Green juices made with beet may turn out more purple or red. Juices made with carrots may be a little bit brownish or orangish. Green juices made with lots of hydrating veggies, such as cucumber or celery will be a much lighter color than those made with lots of dark leafy greens.

      Adding certain superfoods, like our red color Organifi Red juice powder, dark green spirulina or some blue chlorella can also affect the color.

      The health benefits are still amazing, no matter what color comes out of your juicer.

      How much green juice should you drink?

      There is no maximum amount of green juice you can drink. Ideally, you should drink at least one large glass of green juice a day, but if you drink more, the more healthy it is for you.

      If you are on a green juice detox, you should drink at least 5 - 6 glasses of green juice a day. If you feel hungry, drink more.

      Aside from a short-term green juice detox cleanse, green juices should not be your only meals during the day as they are super low in calories and lack fiber and essential fats your body needs. They serve as an excellent pre-breakfast, breakfast, post-workout, snack or hydration option for daily body detox benefits, but remember your whole food meals as well.

      If you are adding superfood powders to your green juice, check the recommended dose. 

      Try these green juice recipes

      Afternoon Green Juice Detox


      • 1 green apple
      • 1 cucumber
      • Stem of 1 broccoli
      • 2 celery stick
      • 1 carrot
      • 1-2 leaves of rainbow swiss chards
      • 2-3 leaves of kale
      • ½ inch ginger
      • 1 lemon

      Instructions: Juice all ingredients and enjoy.

      How To Make Flat Belly Juice


      • 1 cucumber
      • 1 cup spinach
      • 2 stalks of celery
      • 1 cup pineapple chunks
      • 1 lime (rind removed)
      • ½ inch raw turmeric
      • ½ inch raw ginger

      Instructions: Process all ingredients through a juicer and drink immediately.

      Thyroid Balancing Green Juice Detox Drink


      • ½ cup pineapple
      • 1 bushel of cilantro
      • 1 bushel of parsley
      • 1 cucumber
      • 1 beautiful stalk of fennel
      • 2 lemons
      • 1 to 3 pinches of ashwagandha root, powdered
      • 6 drops of liquid chlorophyll extract


      1. Juice all ingredients except ashwagandha and chlorophyll.
      2. Add a few pinches of ashwagandha root powder and liquid chlorophyll. Sip slowly and enjoy all the nutrients that are flooding your body with longevity and vibrancy!

      Super Healing Body Detox Juice


      • 1 cucumber
      • 3 stalks celery
      • Handful of spinach
      • Handful of kale
      • Small bunch of mint
      • ¼ lemon
      • ½ inch ginger

      Instructions: Combine all ingredients and juice to perfection. Drink immediately.

      Fennel Ginger Green Juice for Detox


      • 1 cucumber
      • 3 stalks celery
      • Handful fennel
      • ¼ lime
      • ½ inch ginger

      Instructions: Combine all ingredients and juice to perfection. Drink immediately.

      Spicy Yummy Body Detox Green Juice


      • 1 cucumber
      • 1 bell pepper
      • 3 stalks celery
      • Handful kale
      • Handful cilantro
      • ½ clove garlic

      Instructions: Combine all ingredients and juice to perfection. Drink immediately.

      Minty Green Juice Detox Drink


      • 1 cucumber
      • 3 stalks celery
      • ½ lime
      • 2 handfuls fresh mint
      • ½ green apple

      Instructions: Combine all ingredients and juice to perfection. Drink immediately.

      Broccoli Body Detox Green Juice


      • 1 cucumber
      • Handful spinach
      • Handful broccoli
      • Handful parsley
      • ¼ lemon
      • ½ inch turmeric

      Instructions: Combine all ingredients and juice to perfection. Drink immediately.

      Refreshing Grapefruit Juice for Body Detox


      • 1 cucumber
      • Handful romaine
      • Handful kale
      • Handful mint
      • ¼ grapefruit

      Instructions: Combine all ingredients and juice to perfection. Drink immediately.

      Crazy Good Green Juice


      • 4 stalks celery
      • 1 cucumber
      • Quarter fennel
      • ½ apple
      • 1 lemon
      • ½ inch ginger

      Instructions: Combine all ingredients and juice to perfection. Drink immediately.


        Common Questions About Green Juice and Green Juice Detox

        • Q. What Green Juice Is Best?

            • A. Cold-pressed juices are the king of green juices. Cold pressed juicing is a superior method of juicing. It extracts more juice than most other juicers without oxidation and loss of nutrients. They are fantastic for a green juice detox or any body detox you may embark on. They are organic, natural, completely free of additives and are filled with nutrients. Cold-pressed juices are becoming more and more popular, you can find them at just about any health food store, at many cafes and juice bars popping up around the U.S. and even conventional grocery stores. You can order cold pressed juices online, which is a particularly good idea if you are embarking on a juice cleanse.
            • If you are juicing at home, you will likely be using a slow juicer or a centrifugal juicer. Those are still good, but through the process of moving blades and pressure, you will be losing some nutrients. Since this process also speeds up oxidation, it is best to drink your green juice right away to receive all the benefits. Make sure to use organic produce.
            • There are some kinds of juices you want to stay away from juices that are made from concentrate and boxed juices filled with additives, processed sugar, and artificial ingredients. Those sugary drinks are NOT green juices, but boxed drinks that lead to inflammation and disease. They are not only a bad choice for a green juice detox, but also for everyday use as they hold no body detox benefits.
            • When you are choosing your green juice - whether you are buying cold-pressed or making your own at home with a centrifugal or slow juicer - make sure that the majority of your juice is made with greens and vegetables with little to no fruits. Juices that are overwhelmingly filled with fruits can lead to blood sugar issues, whereas those made with mainly greens and veg should not cause any problems. A variety of greens and veggies is the best for your green juice detox.
            • If you are crunched on time, traveling, hiking, on-the-go or just want to add some superfood goodness to your life, I suggest superfood green juice powders. Organifi Green Juice Powder is your best bet. Made with high-quality superfoods and supergreens, it can hydrate and revitalize your cells, boost body detox, balance your hormones, give you energy, boost your mental clarity, aid your immune system and relieve stress. Just mix it with water or add to any of your existing juices. They are the easiest way to benefit from a green juice detox drink. You must also try Organifi Red Juice, another superfood juice powder that ignites your metabolism helps your mental clarity, fills your body with antioxidants, helps body detox, fights to age and revitalizes your skin. Use the same as you would use Organifi Green Juice.
          • Q. Where Can You Buy Green Juice?

            • A. You can buy cold-pressed green juice at most health food stores (Whole Foods and Trader Joe's both make their own!), many conventional supermarkets, cafes (even Starbucks sells some!), juice bars and even online. Just google "juice bars in my area," "order cold-pressed juice," or "order juice cleanse" or "order juice detox".
            • I highly recommend that you also buy some Organifi Green and Red Juice Powders. They make powerful juices when mixed with water. They are so convenient when you are on the go, busy, traveling, hiking, driving in your car and need some energy, need a post-workout boost and anytime you are crunched on time. They can be mixed with any green juice, smoothie, dip, energy bar and other recipes too. You can buy it at our store. They are a perfect addition to any green juice detox.
          • Q. How Much Green Juice Is Too Much? 

            • A. There is no such thing as too much green juice and it all depends on your personal situation. Some people make the mistake of filling up on 3-4-5+ large glasses of green juice a day, then skipping meals. That's not a good idea. Your body needs solid foods with lots of fiber and a balance of macronutrients (fats, carbs, protein). Unless you are on a short-term green juice detox cleanse, make sure to eat balanced meals and add your juice in addition to that. I recommend a minimum of one glass of green juice a day. Two glasses is an excellent idea. You may want to drink one glass for pre-breakfast or breakfast and another one post-workout, for a snack or perhaps pre-lunch or pre-dinner. If you are drinking 3 - 4 glasses a day, but still have room to eat balanced meals and are meeting all your calorie and macronutrients needs, more power to you. Play around and find what works for your body, lifestyle, and health. Your needs may depend on the day too. Some days, you may only want one smaller glass of juice and other days, you may not feel like you're getting enough. The key is to listen to YOUR body. 
          • Q.  Why Juice Green Apples Instead Of Red?

            • A. Fruits are naturally sweet, but their fiber content slows down the sugar's way to the cells to decrease your chances of blood sugar issues. By removing the fiber, you don't have this buffer to slow down this process. Juicing sweet fruits high in GI, without the help of the fiber, can lead to sugar spikes and crashes. When you are juicing, it is important to use only very few fruits with low GI. Apples are a good option and among apples, green apples are your best bet with the lowest GI of all. Green apples have less sugar, more fiber, more antioxidants, and more vitamins than red apples. They fit perfectly with any green juice detox recipe.
          • Q. Why Does Green Juice Make Me Poop?

            • A. If you are just starting juicing after eating a SAD or otherwise unhealthy diet, you may experience some upset stomach or extra pooping. Just like any other diet change, it takes a while for your body to adjust. All the nutrients and different textures will stimulate your liver, gallbladder, and intestines. An upset tummy may also be part of your body's detoxification process: body detox symptoms are not always fun and can include upset tummy, nausea, headaches and flu-like symptoms for a short time. That's the key. These symptoms are temporary only. They may last for a few days or maybe a week or two. Eventually, your body will adjust. To relieve your symptoms, make sure to drink plenty of water and drink hot water with lemon and ginger. You may want to reduce your juice quantity at first or dilute your juice with water for the first days.
            • Now, if you are just experiencing normal poop - not diarrhea or loose stools - after a period of constipation, it is NORMAL. You are supposed to be pooping 2-3 times a day. If you've been chronically constipated or even if you've only been experiencing 1 poop a day of harder stools, normal pooping may be new to you. Don't worry, pooping is healthy.
          • Q. What Celebrities Drink Green Juice?

            • A. There is a growing number of celebrities, models and athletes that are catching up to the importance of health and drinking green juice detox drink as part of their daily body detox, including Kyle Jenner, Paula Abdul, Nick Jonas, Anne Hathaway, Lilly Collins, Michelle Williams, Debra Messing, Colin Farrell, Blake Lively, Jessica Hart, Rachel Zoe, Jessica Alba, Emma Stone, Mac Danzig, Josh Duhamel, Reese Witherspoon, Woody Harrelson, Jason Mraz, Naomi Watts, Scott Jurek and Russell Brand.


          While acute inflammation is short-term and is your body's best friend to reduce harm after an injury or contact with an irritant, chronic inflammation means that your body's inflammatory response has gone haywire.

          In today's modern lifestyle, bad diets, stress, lack of exercise and other poor lifestyle choices act as constant small stressors that slowly add up, creating chronic inflammation and leading to chronic pain, chronic illness and serious diseases in the long-run.

          Through changing your lifestyle, you can fight, reduce and reverse chronic inflammation. Green juice is there to help you with that through an easy boost of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, chlorophyll, and phytonutrients. Green juice is powerful in reducing inflammation and detoxifying, nourishing, nurturing and remedying your body.

          Even just one large glass of green juice a day can change your life. You can buy cold-pressed green juice at health food stores, grocery stores, cafes, juice bars and online. You can make your own green juice at home. Just make sure to use mostly greens, vegetables and only very few (or no) low sugar fruits. 

          Using green juice powders, Organifi Green and Red are excellent choices. Just mix the powder with a glass of water and it is ready to drink. It is convenient for a busy or on-the-go lifestyle. You can add the powder to any green juice, smoothie or recipe too. Make sure to get your Organifi Green and Red Juice at our store today.

          Have you been drinking green juice? What is your favorite green juice detox recipe? How has juicing helped your body detox? In what ways has green juice and Organifi products changed your life?

          Share in the comments below, we would love to hear your tips, questions and success stories. We can always learn from each other and inspire one another.

          Remember, we’re in this together.

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