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New Year's "Freedom From Stress" Bundle

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Overcome The Constant Exhaustion, Burnout, Worry, Anxiety, & Fatigue Caused By Nonstop Demands At Work, Your Family’s Needs, & The Emotional Rollercoaster Of 2020... The Most BRUTAL Year Ever... With Nature’s Best Soothing Remedies

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"The green juice and the gold specifically are the two products that helped me with my stress level and helped me to have clear thinking at work again. Until you lose it, you don't know you've lost it.”
Individual results may vary.

- Suzie -- one of over 24,749 happy, well-rested customers

2020 has been brutal. It seemed like every day the TV had more bad news. We heard bad news about the pandemic, about quarantines and lockdowns, then bad news about unemployment.

On this page, you’ll see some science-backed methods for healing and recovering from the most stressful year in almost a century.

See we weren't all affected in the same way.

Some of us tragically lost loved ones. Many of us lost our jobs, struggling to pay mortgages and rents.

Even more of us have been living in fear, forced to experience family holidays and gatherings through video chats, missing so much the warm, trusting embrace of our family and friends.

All of us have been asked to dutifully remain indoors, cover our faces whenever possible, and somehow, socially distance, though we are very social creatures.

After an experience like this, it really is so important that we focus on recovery.

We MUST find a way to stop succumbing to the stress, the anxiety and exhaustion, to be brave, and reclaim our energy, confidence, and hope in the future.

It’s easier said than done.

We were told to “Stop visiting friends, family, stop greeting strangers, wash your hands 10 times a day and stay home as often as possible!”

Somehow, cultural movements, protests and political upheaval also took place right smack in the middle of it all. Maybe that shouldn’t come as a surprise.

What’s the emotional and physical cost of all of this?

It’s grave. The new research on depression, drug abuse, and violence for 2020 looks heartbreaking. That’s because we’re not robots.

The emotional rollercoaster of a pandemic big enough to cause a recession and other cultural ramifications takes a toll on every cell in our body.

In a way, you are what you FEEL.

Waking up every morning to bad news, feeling horrible about what’s going on, being scared of the future or worried if someone you love might get sick...

It won’t just affect your emotional well being.

It will absolutely affect your physical health too.

That’s why it’s so important that you keep your chin up. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and there are newer, more natural ways to “fast-track” your recovery.

It might take a little courage, and faith in some new ideas.

Now trusting in the power of superfood remedies takes some getting used to. Once you see the research, and feel the incredible effects, you’ll begin to think that you’ve got a secret weapon.

Piercing through obstacles like worry, anxiety, and stress about the future suddenly seems easy. The emotional rollercoaster calms down, and you can feel your steadfast focus returning to your life.

Things will make sense again.

It’s just difficult to believe before we’ve taken that first step. You might feel like you want to cry every time you crash into bed at night, probably tossing and turning for hours on end.

Maybe you’re a giant ball of nerves, unable to sleep, unable to focus or plan for the future.

Perhaps you’re not sure if your life is on the right path now, because who knows when things will return to normal, if ever?

Maybe you’ve reached total burnout, from endless video calls, trying to keep your company in business, or responding to the new demands from coworkers, friends and family.

This is another reason why we can’t give up. During times like these, our children are watching. Our spouse, our family and coworkers, they need us to be brave.

They need a hero. They need someone with the answers.

Many times the answers come from unexpected places, and we need to be open to that. Sometimes the tiniest little ‘tweaks’ can make all the difference.

Of course, it’s not easy always being “on.”

It’s downright draining. Now we’re picking up bad health habits, skipping the much needed exercise and scarfing the drive-thru dinners, soda, snacks and sweets...

...staying busy, binging Netflix at night maybe just to take our mind off of all the anxiety and bad news.

The domino effect happens so fast. Maybe you don’t even recognize yourself anymore.

Do you ever feel guilty just wanting a break from it all?

Sometimes you’re your own worst enemy. You might feel like you don’t deserve to slow down, take a deep breath or relax at all.

You might think “I have to stay busy, otherwise I won’t feel productive or useful.”

After 2020, you really do need to take a break and focus on recovery. You deserve it, and it’s necessary. Here’s why:

The Dangers Of Stress & Anxiety In The Body

Stress can really be a silent killer, and this is exactly how it starts. Here are some of the side effects of stress and anxiety when left untreated:

Further down this page, you’ll see the most powerful, potent and natural way to reduce stress, thereby eliminating the most common cause of fatigue, poor sleep, and even weight gain...

However, something you may need to hear first is this:

It’s going to be okay.

I can promise you that these hard moments you’re going through are only temporary. Nothing is permanent. Pain and hardship from your past has made you who you are today.

It will get better.

Sometimes we forget, in order to be the rock for our family and loved ones, we FIRST need to rescue ourselves. Otherwise we’re actually being a burden on them, without even realizing it.

So now it’s time to forgive yourself...

We’re all experiencing this together and learning how to deal with it.

Once we forgive ourselves, we can start taking steps toward rescuing ourselves, recovering the health, vitality, exuberance and energy we had before all of this started.

There really IS a natural way to bounce back from the exhaustion, the fatigue and hopelessness.

You can wipe off the tears, stand up straight and reclaim that confident, trustworthy version of yourself that your family counts on.

... but a hot bath, candles, and Celine Dion’s greatest hits can only do so much... After a year like 2020, I’d like to share something much more powerful with you:

There IS a way to recover from the emotional exhaustion, fatigue, stress and anxiety of a year like this...

... and feel the energy, excitement for life and confidence return to your body once again.

Bouncing out of bed with a smile, happy and rejuvenated from an amazing night's sleep, feeling empowered to be the hero for your loved ones, a top performer at work, and even getting back to that healthy weight... is just around the corner.

But the solution we’re talking about is NOT a drug from your doctor, a recipe book you’ll never read, or some gimmicky “mindful meditation” routine.

The 3,000 Year Old Secret To Reduced Stress, More Restful Sleep, And Healthy Weight Management

Our ancestors really struggled. Plagues, famines, swarms of ancient insects, and wars were all common daily occurrences.

How did they make it through?

Well according to botanists, they trusted nature:

From the jungles of the Amazon rainforest, to the arctic tundra of Siberia, our ancestors survived the stresses of disease, famine, and awful living conditions with the power of herbal and rhizomal extracts.

Today they’re called “adaptogens.”

An "adaptogen" is the scientific word for ancient herbal compounds shown to stabilize the human body's hormones. Notice there's a scientific word for it.

At one time, adaptogens were laughed off as "magic" or "voodoo," by western doctors, but not anymore. Modern science has confirmed the efficacy of hundreds of adaptogens.

Adaptogens go to work in the body in 4 unique ways:

In layman's terms, that means adaptogens regulate your body’s response to stress, anxiety, mood swings, exhaustion, illness and any drastic changes you might experience.

Plus, like you saw above: Fatigue, restless nights, poor immune system function and even weight gain can ALL be addressed by eliminating that ONE issue: STRESS!

Top Adaptogens For Reducing The Side Effects Of Stress & Anxiety


Ashwagandha is a powerful rhizome, like a root, and it has been ground up and used in health teas for over 3,000 years. It's extremely strong and has a miraculous impact on stress levels and anxiety, so much so that it's been referred to as "Indian Ginseng" in medical journals and carries a heavy price tag in ayurvedic medicinal markets.


Reishi Mushroom

Reishi mushroom is a medicinal mushroom that resembles a giant ear lobe. It was first discovered in ancient China 2,000 years ago and was popular for reducing stress, promoting more restful sleep and supporting fatigue. Legends say it was used to build a strong heart and help keep people in shape.


Turkey Tail Mushroom

Turkey tail is a medicinal mushroom that resembles the tail of a turkey. It was popularized in native american cultures over a thousand years ago. Shaman’s and native chief’s boiled teas with turkey tail mushroom, prescribing it for immune system support, mood swings and gut disturbances.


Lemon Balm

A lemon-scented member of the mint family, lemon balm was also called ‘sweet mary’ and ‘cure-all’ in Europe and the mediterranean. Today it’s used to support reduced stress, increased rest, relaxation, and promote more restful sleep.


So if you’re battling exhaustion, fatigue, low energy, inability to concentrate, restlessness, and even unexplainable weight gain...

then it’s crucial to find a solution to stress.

Plus there’s no better way to put an end to the anxiety and uneasiness of this last year’s emotional rollercoaster, than to start with the all natural adaptogens like:

Ashwagandha, reishi mushroom, turkey tail mushroom, and lemon balm.

For that reason, we’ve included all 4 of those amazing adaptogens PLUS 17 other superfoods for assisting in reducing stress, increasing rest, relaxation, recovery, total body wellness and even healthy weight management...

...into ONE amazing bundle:

At Organifi, we’ve spent years perfecting the formulation of each of these blends below to be just as delicious as they are powerful. We couldn’t just mix these together into a gross horse pill or capsule for 3 reasons:

  • We couldn’t fit the effective doses of adaptogens into an average capsule
  • Consistency is crucial, and delicious routines are more likely to last
  • Enjoying a delicious & healthy guilt-free beverage reduces stress on its own

The Freedom From Stress Bundle

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Organifi Green Juice

If you haven’t tried it, Organifi Green Juice is a delicious USDA certified Organic superfood green juice packed with 11 superfoods, including the stress-supporting adaptogen you saw above, ashwagandha. In fact it has 600 milligrams of ashwagandha, a full clinical dose! Let’s see what else is in this amazing blend:


Loved by the ancient Egyptians for its beneficial effects on their health and vitality.


Loaded with vitamins, minerals, all essential amino acids and antioxidants.


Nutrient dense blue-green algae loaded with antioxidants.


A nutrient-rich dried sea vegetable especially high in chlorophyll, vitamins & minerals.

Matcha Green Tea

High in polyphenols, chlorophyll, and L-theanine.

Coconut Water (Freeze Dried)

High in electrolytes, especially potassium, and hydrating for the human body.

KSM-66 Ashwagandha

Important Ayurvedic herb and adaptogen shown to reduce stress and decrease cortisol.

Beet Root

Provides natural way to increase nitric oxide in the body.


4,000 year old remedy to discomfort, featured here in a potent 4:1 extract.

Lemon Juice

High in vitamin C and supportive of alkalinity in the body.


A healthy prebiotic derived from tapioca.

Organifi Gold

Organifi Gold is a creamy, delicious night-time tea packed with 10 superfoods in a golden tea mix to support lower stress, better recovery, rest, relaxation and promote restful sleep. Plus it features Reishi mushroom, turkey tail mushroom, and lemon balm! Here’s a deeper look at all 10 USDA certified organic superfood ingredients:


This ancient root is loaded with antioxidants and has been used for centuries to promote a healthy response to occasional aches and pain.


One of the most widely used herbal remedies on the planet. It is known for its support in digestion, immune health and stress.

Reishi Mushroom

Known as the “Queen of Mushrooms” and has been used to support wellness for over 2,000 years. It’s studied most for its relaxation benefits!

Lemon Balm

Considered “The Calming Herb” and has been prescribed by doctors since the Middle Ages as a natural remedy to promote rest.

Turkey Tail Mushroom

This immune-boosting fungus has been used in China since the 15th century. It is rich in antioxidants and supports recovery.


One of the most important minerals in the body for relaxation and recovery. It is required for over 300 biochemical reactions.

Black Pepper Piperine

Has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, is loaded with antioxidants and has been shown to increase nutrient absorption.

Coconut Milk

Is a good source of saturated fat, containing medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) which may help boost metabolism.

Let’s listen to how these superfoods have helped some real customers through their everyday stresses:

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"My life has always been busy as a wife, a mom, a grandmother, I work full time. It's always busy. My life is so different now after drinking organifi gold at night, because I have true energy for the whole next day!"

Annie Verified Customer

***When combined with healthy diet and exercise. Results not typical and may vary. This customer may have received free product in exchange for an honest review.

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"I love the green juice because it has ashwagandha. I lead a very busy lifestyle. There's a certain amount of stress that it has on the body, and I love knowing that Organifi has ashwagandha, which is an adaptogen that helps my body deal with the good and the difficult stresses.”

Dr. Lynn Morski Verified Customer

***When combined with healthy diet and exercise. Results not typical and may vary. This customer may have received free product in exchange for an honest review.

testimonial6 testimonialm6

"I've been diagnosed with PTSD from spending 4 years in Iraq and afghanistan. I love the Green Juice because it has a minty taste to it, it revitalizes. I feel very rejuvenated after I drink it and I can go on with my day.”

Ty Rashard Verified Customer

***When combined with healthy diet and exercise. Results not typical and may vary. This customer may have received free product in exchange for an honest review.

testimonial6 testimonialm6

"Sometimes we work so many hours, and we forget to take that break, so Organifi Gold is my reinforcement. I love the gold!”

Cindy Castañeda Verified Customer

***When combined with healthy diet and exercise. Results not typical and may vary. This customer may have received free product in exchange for an honest review.

In closing, this has been a very difficult year. It’s been exhausting, and tragic for many of us.

Even if you THINK the news, the politics, the recession and the pandemic haven’t affected you, the research shows that they probably are affecting you quite a bit. You’ve just bottled it up.

...and not just on an emotional level. Stress and anxiety at this amount are dangerous.

We’re all in desperate need of recovery. Now.

So don’t try to do this on your own.

Organifi has invested years into listening to our customers and formulating USDA certified organic solutions to their needs. This superfood bundle and every single ingredient are curated to address the stresses of the most difficult roller coaster of ups and downs.

It’s a marriage of ancient wisdom and modern science.

So if you’re ready to reach out and grab a hold of your destiny, feel that revitalizing energy, overcome that exhaustion, fatigue, stress and anxiety...

...and completely bounce back in the new year to be the hero that your loved ones really need... support lower stress, anxiety, increase immune health, even promote better sleep and healthy weight management...

...then this freedom from stress bundle was designed just for you.

  • Save 40% off the total price today
  • Get a branded glass shaker bottle
  • Take 60 whole days to try it out!

The Freedom From Stress Bundle



40% off



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And enjoy a sense of deep relaxation and peace you likely haven’t felt in months.

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