Scientist Say This is the #1 Easy, Practical Way to Increase Mood and Sustained Happiness

By Drew Canole, Temecula, California.
Published 2 Days Ago

We have all had bad days, we have all been in a bad mood from time to time.

What would we give in those moments to be able to shift to a state of happiness?  

Regardless of those bad days, who wouldn’t want to have their baseline happiness level increase by 20% every day?

What Does Science Say About How Exactly to Increase Happiness?

Unfortunately, a lot of the research around happiness is not earth shattering or even very practical.

In a minute I am going to share the #1 easy, most effective way to increase happiness that researches from England to Australia have proven to be highly effective.

But first, let's look at what the experts are saying.

Lori Santos, Yale University Happiness Professor (yes, that is a thing) has generated amazing work in the area of happiness but the advice I find to be less than exciting. 

The research suggests people do things like: 

  • Practice Gratitude
  • Cultivate Optimism
  • Avoid Overthinking 
  • Act Kindly

Thankfully, there’s a new way to slam the brakes on brain shrinkage…

While these are all worthy pursuits the advice seems less than practical. Unless we want to become a monk and live in an Indian ashram.

Other gems we can get from science is that Finland is the happiest country in the world for the last seven years running. 

So what (?), we all should move to one of the northernmost countries where the average winter temperature is 23 degrees and the sun never rises above the horizon in the winter months. No thank you.

Let’s Get Real Practical with the Science. This is a sad fact, that as we move from childhood to being adults our happiness falls and continues to decline until we are north of 50 years old.”

In fact science says we are happiest at age 20 and then the decline begins until ages 50-55 when the graph starts to incline. We don’t reach our second peak happiness state until we are 80 years old! Now that is a sad state of mind.  

Who wants to wait until 80 to find our peak happiness! 

Science Saves the Day for an Easy, Practical Method to Increase Happiness

So in looking for a true solution, a practical solution that doesn't have us moving to Finland or a Monastery in Tibet, science provides an active and easy solution for increasing mood and sustained happiness. 

There are two natural compounds that are proven to significantly increase happiness.  The science is backed by several University studies and has been replicated to increase the happiness of the “average person.”  That means, the studies focused on the everyday man and women rather than those with mental, medical conditions. 

Translation: How does the average person increase their mood and sustain a higher level of happiness

“What researchers have found is that combining Saffron, Passionflower and a few other organic ingredients have proven to significantly reduce stress responses and increase our baseline happiness.

What researchers have found is that combining Saffron, Passionflower and a few other organic ingredients have proven to significantly reduce stress responses and increase our baseline happiness.  

In a UK study at Northumbria University, scientists conducted:

  • A double-blind placebo study 
  • 73 participants
  • 18-60 years old 
  • Participants self-reported feelings of Stress, Anxiety and Low Mood

Researchers were comparing the effects of saffron, versus a placebo, for improving the effects of “low mood” and increasing happiness in healthy adults.

Study Design 

  • The study incorporated seven psychological questionnaires around mood, stress and happiness
  • Including the World Health Organizations quality of life questionnaire 
  • As well as saliva and urine labs to see the true biological effects
  • Participants were given 30 mg of Saffron, twice a day for 8 weeks (versus a placebo)

Study Conclusions

The study concluded that group receiving 30mg of Saffron showed significant improvement in: 

  1. Subjective Mood
  2. Quality of Life Measures 

“With the clearest finding reflecting a greater reduction in the low mood scale of the POMS, which measures “Total Mood Disturbance.”

Translation: Saffron is proven to elevate mood and happiness and reduce stress responses to negative events.  

Finally, something we can all practically do to take control of our happiness and elevate our mood.

Saffron+ Happy Drops

One company that is leading in this area is Organifi out of San Diego who has developed a high quality organic product, aptly named “Happy Drops” that compounds four natural ingredients:

  • With the clinical dose of Saffron (30mg) 
  • The clinical does of Passionflower (__mg) 

To elevate mood and provide higher, sustained levels of happiness.  

This is an all natural product with no CBD, THC or other psycho-pharmaceutical ingredients.  

No Side Effects

Both studies concluded there are no known side effects of Saffron or Pasionflower taken at recommended doses.

My Experience

I have personally tested this product and have to admit it works well. I began taking Happy Drops on a particularly frustrating day where my stress and “bad mood” was getting the better of me. I took two happy drops and it didn’t register until hours later that I noticed my stress was gone and I felt light, happy.  

One particularly cool thing Organifi does is they provide an abridged Oxford Happiness Questionnaire to customers so you can measure and track as your mood increases to see, feel and validate how it helps on a personal level.  

If you give it a try, note that while some users of Happy Drops have noticed an immediate improvement in mood, the science says the significant benefits come after 4-8 weeks of continued use.  

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