Build a Bundle - green juice crisp apple

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ashwagandha • chlorella • spirulina • whole apple

The taste of refreshing slightly sweet apple is now paired with classic green juice for a refreshing twist and only 2g of sugar. This small-batch blend is supported by adaptogens & micronutrients to:

support food cravings
aid healthy hydration
show stress to the door

Formulated at the highest quality with a clinical dose of Ashwagandha. Carefully crafted with a delicious blend of greens that supplies your body with essential micronutrients to feel balanced, energized and empowered throughout your day.
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Certified USDA Organic Certified Gluten Free Glyphosate Residue Free Non-GMO Project Verified Organifi is proud supporter of Vitamin Angels

hand picked for daily wellness

crisp, refreshing, slightly sweet & formulated to support and balance cortisol levels, an essential part of all-day energy and happiness.

so long stress with an effective 600 mg of ashwagandha

reduce cortisol levels that increase snacking urges

apples right off the branch filled with fiber & micronutrients

Leave stress at the door.

Cortisol is a powerful hormone, critical for healthy energy levels, appetite, digestion, mood, and sleep. There is a natural cortisol rhythm, high in the morning and low in the evening supporting waking up and falling asleep. But modern lifestyles have increased daily stressors which can easily disrupt this cortisol rhythm. Excessive toxins in our diet and our environment make it harder for our body to effectively regulate and remain in balance.

When cortisol is consistently high, the body can experience negative effects. Ever fall into a midday crash? It might be cortisol fatigue. Ever crave sweets when you’re stressed? Cortisol can be responsible for that, too.

delicious nutrition

“crisp like a real apple, with all the benefits I know and love!” - Samuel K., verified buyer

This limited edition green juice blend is formulated with 12 superfoods like ashwagandha, spirulina, moringa, and of course organic whole apples, small-batch and bursting with taste. Easy to mix, even easier to enjoy.

organic whole apples “handpicked”

Fiber rich fruit high in antioxidants and protective nutrients.

ashwagandha “balance cortisol”

An Ayurvedic adaptogen that supports cortisol balance and lower stress.

moringa “mother of all micronutrients”

A tropical plant with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, & antioxidants to replenish your body.

spirulina “superbly antioxidant rich”

A nutrient-dense blue-green algae that is energizing, alkalizing and packed with antioxidants.

chlorella “perfectly potent alkalizing algae”

A true superfood and alkalizing algae that is rich in chlorophyll, a potent antioxidant, and contains essential vitamins and minerals.

superfoods & adaptogens to bring the body into balance

Ingredients like 600mg of ashwagandha & 10 other powerful adaptogens. learn more

Mornings minus the meh.

Packed with 12 superfoods, this green morning ritual always wakes up on the right side of the bed. Enjoy in the AM or any time throughout the day to energize, hydrate, & balance.

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