A Brief History of Green Juice to Celebrate National Green Juice Day!

"Get healthy. Eat better. Feel Good" - Everyone on New Year’s Eve

It’s National Green Juice Day! And if you’re anything like us ‘getting healthy, fit and happy’ was on top of your new year’s resolution list.

And that’s awesome!

Helping people get control of their health is one of the reasons we started Organifi in the first place; our motto is “Inspiration. Education. Empowerment.”

There’s no better decision or goal than the one of getting healthy and that’s why we’re so excited about the fact there’s such a thing now as a “National Green Juice Day!”

Green. Juice. Day.

Let that sink in.

We’ve grown so much as a nation, we now champion the power of nutrition - and Green Juice! So much we’re dedicating a day on blogs, social media, and most importantly our lives, to set a reminder in our busy schedule -and make it a goal- to get those mighty greens in our diets for the day.

In honor of this quantum leap in mentality, we put together a timeline with a brief history of green juice (that may or may not include some hilarious, yet humbling, beginnings of the Organifi and FitLife family) including all the juicy details -pun totally intended- of how this fantastic day came to be.

Why Green Juice?

Starting your day with a green juice has become popular and accessible to everyone because - whether you are doing the juicing yourself or using a green juice powder - it's an optimal, convenient, and effective way to get a larger portion of greens, fruits, and nutrients into your diet. Without having to actually cut, prep, and chew them!

A lot of people dislike the taste of many of the healthiest things out there: spinach, kale, celery, alfalfa, beets, you name it.

But add some fruits, bananas, and mix them up in a delicious green juice recipe and boom - they’re in love!

Green Juice is the simplest answer: drink your veggies, feel good, and enjoy it!

If you want to know why juicing vegetables is good for you we have this whole blog, YouTube channel, and some guides to help you. 

If you don’t feel like jumping around here’s the skinny:

  • Green juice or green juice powder (yes you can get the same value in powder form) makes it easier for your body to absorb antioxidants, vitamins, and basic nutrients.
  • Green juices are usually full of Vitamin C, E, and A which help you get that glowy skin you love. These vitamins are critical in slowing down the aging process and keep your largest organ (skin!) hydrated and happy.
  • It can improve energy without having to resort to caffeinated drinks. Not that the occasional coffee or matcha is bad, but it’s nice to not depend on it. Green juice is like rocket fuel for your cells.
  • It simplifies healthy weight loss! By substituting sugary and unhealthy breakfasts or snacks, green juice or green juice powder helps you achieve your weight loss goals.
  • It curbs and helps to eliminate sugar cravings. When you start to cleanse your gut of excess salt, sugar, and fats your body responds by simply not demanding them anymore.
  • It’s detoxifying! Green juice helps your liver, blood, adrenal glands, kidneys, and gut eliminate the toxins, free radicals, and unnecessary waste that piles up over time. Even if you don't drink it as a part of a full body detox!
  • It also may also help boost your metabolism with antioxidants and amino acids (the building blocks of protein) because they deliver nutrients in a digestion-ready format.

Green juice and green juice powder have the ability to supercharge your system and day giving your body tons of nutrients it needs in the most accessible way possible.

Whether you decide to celebrate this National Green Juice Day by sipping on the benefits of celery juice or adding a scoop of Green Juice powder to your afternoon routine, here's how people have enjoyed drinking their greens through history.

A Brief History of Green Juice

  • 2500 BC* - Someone realized boiling, mashing, and consuming fruits and vegetables in a liquid -- or almost liquid -- form provided strength, stamina, and improved health.
  • 460 - 370 BC “Let Food Be Thy Medicine” - is attributed to Hippocrates.

    He believed that “Disease which results from over-eating is cured by fasting; disease following fasting, by a surfeit. So with other things; cures may be affected by opposites.” He recommended greens and legumes, like lentils, to cure ulcers and gout. Today we practice fasting for weight loss and health.
  • 100 BC to 70 AD - The collection of writings dubbed “The Dead Scrolls” records consuming “mashed pomegranate and fig” for “profound health and subtle form.” (You can read all about it in Steve Bailey’s and Larry Trivieri’s book: “Juice Alive: The Ultimate Guide to Juicing Remedies.)
  • 1922- Elmer McCollum, later named “Dr. Vitamin” by Times Magazine, starts writing the column "Our Daily Diet", where he explored food as medicine including a piece  called “Green vegetables are unbottled medicines.”

    Bonus! He was not credited for the discovery of Vitamin A, but he found one of the individual Vitamin A components along with Marguerite Davis almost at the same time Frederick Hopkins did.
  • 1936 - Norman Walker, author of Raw Vegetable Juices, invents the World’s First Juicer! He was a strong green juice proponent.
  • 1954 - The Champion, the world’s first ‘masticating’ juicer comes to be. It was a game-changer because it could juice pretty much any fruit or vegetable out there, making the lives of busy people easier!
  • 1971 - Jack LaLanne creates the power juicer.
  • 1990’s - Hollywood celebrities start trying green juice for weight loss, adopting fasting and other juice cleanses to improve health, looks, and fitness.
  • 2010 - “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” premieres. A 60-day journey where Joe Cross, an Australian man, follows a juicing fast under the care of Dr. Joel Fuhrman to regain his health. Worth a watch! Spoiler: Mean Green Juice got the spotlight!
  • 2010 - The FitLifeTv YouTube channel and Organifi start transforming lives with inspirational and educational videos about fitness and nutrition.
  • 2015 - Juice Crawls became a thing in New York! Good times.
  • 2016 -  The cold-pressed juice industry takes over selling more than $130 million worldwide!
  • 2019 - YOU Celebrated your health with a green juice of your own!

Told you that was brief!

Excited to represent but not ready to pull out the juicer? Organifi Green Juice powder makes it simple. Need even easier? More convenient?

We got you. We have Green Juice powder GO packs!

[=*This is actually impossible to know, but we tried. Yes, we made that up (please put the celery down), shall we call it a likely assumption?

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