16 Foods to Stock your Pantry this Fall to Reach a Healthy Weight Management

This time of the year, we get hooked on green juice powder. It’s not that we get a sudden drive to be extra healthy, it’s just the easiest way to stay on track with our fitness goals.

When you start to drop inches, see the signs of liver detox working, and finally start to feel really good about what you see in the mirror - fall kicks in.

Sweater weather, pumpkin spice lattes, and back-to-school madness.

With work picking up, the kids getting busy and the weather about to cool off, it can be challenging to keep your weight loss motivation. 

In the fall, we kick it up a notch with our green juice for healthy weight management programs, sneak a to-go pack of green juice powder in the backpack or wallet, and focus on healthy foods to stock the pantry.

In general, we look for seasonal, filling, and accessible produce that we can quickly add to a meal or a smoothie, without a lot of hassle. These foods are full of vitamins and minerals that become critical when the seasons change, to keep you safe from nosebleeds, colds, and putting on weight you just lost!

Pantry Staples to Lose Weight (Or Keep it Off!) This Fall

#1 Apples

Apples are natural appetite suppressants that also happen to be a fall staple (they’re harvested between August and November!) The best breakfast for weight loss companion, or healthy on-the-go snack, apples are satisfying because they are full of fiber, pectin, and require a lot of chewing. 

To get their hearty-healthy flavonoids eat them with skin, raw or baked!

#2 Beets

Beets are one of those sneaky foods that support liver detox, they’re a great source of Vitamin C, K, and Calcium, have high antioxidant power, and feature “betalains” phytonutrients that help the liver flush out junk out of your system. 

You can add them to your go-to green juice for weight loss, try them in balsamic dressing baked or barbequed for a beet detox. They may surprise you with the signs of liver detox working since they promote healthier skin.

#3 Brussel Sprouts

This seasonal fall veggie has more than your daily recommended intake of Vitamin K in just half a cup, a vital vitamin for blood coagulation that keeps those sniffles and bloody noses at bay! 

Try them sauteed or if you don’t love them, as a hidden veggie in a smoothie or green juice for weight loss spiced with sweet fruits - like pears!

#4 Dates

If there’s ever a time to stock up on this sweet fruit, it’s the fall; they will help you fight sugar cravings. They’re low in fat, have a lot of potassium and are a great source of dietary fiber. Use them as your preferred sugar substitute in small amounts.

Try mixing them with oatmeal and green juice powder for an easy super-smoothie.

#4 Dark Chocolate

As much as we love our green juice powder, we can’t deny the warm and fuzzy feeling of chocolate. Dark chocolate is healthy when it’s 70% cocoa. If you need more convincing than just the flavor, chocolate antioxidants may help keep your skin younger, your stomach more satiated, and make you smarter. 

Get the effects of chocolate on the brain with a healthy hot chocolate alternative, like our Gold, Chocolate (a seasonal treat!)

#5 Tangerines

You may be surprised to hear that tangerines are harvested between November and April, making them the citrus fruit of the fall. In many places in Europe, tangerines are a traditional holiday treat, bring some of that home with necessary Vitamin C and beta-carotene that also supports liver detox.

One of the signs of liver detox working is usually weight loss! Add your green juice powder to a tangerine base to make it extra healthy.

#6 Grapefruit

Arguably one of the best breakfast for weight loss options, a grapefruit has pectin that may help lower cholesterol, more than 75% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C, and potential fat-burning powers.

#7 Green Juice Powder

There isn’t always a lot of extra time in the fall for fresh vegetable juices in the morning, green juice powder helps you meet your fruit and vegetables recommended intake without sacrificing time or quality. You get the same benefits of green juice for healthy weight management but skip the hassle.

We love our Green Juice Powder and super convenient Green Juice Powder Go Packs, because they are thyroid-friendly, goitrogen-free, and have barely one gram of sugar.

#8 Ginger

The MVP of medicinal herbs and roots, ginger boasts anti-inflammatory properties and may strengthen the immune system, perfect to keep your energy high with the rising fall demands. 

We like to mix it with hot lemon water in the morning. Since it's not in our green juice powder, you can use that infusion as a base; the best breakfast for weight loss helps your resting metabolic rate go up.

#9 Oatmeal

It’s a high-carb food, but a slow-digesting one. It keeps you full for hours after eating it, helps suppress the hunger hormone ghrelin, it’s low on the glycemic index, and they just taste great with fruits. Go for old-fashioned steel-cut oats.

#10 Parsnips 

If you’re like, “what is a parsnip?” this often-overlooked root vegetable has 0 fat, 0 cholesterol, and is rich in Vitamin K, E, Zinc, Iron, Calcium, and Phosphorus! It’s seasonal with a rich nutty flavor and very satisfying. 

#11 Pears

Everyone loves apples, but when we’re making green juice for weight loss with really strong-tasting veggies (aka the ones that give that us grass-eating bad rap) we add pears! They’re naturally sweet, low in the glycemic index, rich in fiber and works great as an afternoon snack.

#12 Pumpkin

Did you know that the star fruit of the season (yes pumpkin is a fruit!) is also super healthy? Don’t leave it just for scary lamps or pumpkin spice lattes -unless you go for a healthy PSL- you can get the health benefits of pumpkin spice and pumpkin itself adding it to soups, warm salads, and even breakfast!

Our golden pumpkin protein waffles are the best breakfast for weight loss during the weekend!

#13 Protein Powder

Ha! It’s not all green juice powder, there’s also protein powder to make your life easy. We are biased and prefer our complete vegan protein powder, but that’s not why it made the list.

Having a healthy protein powder at hand can help you avoid sugar and carb traps, while also adding a healthy punch to seasonal recipes. Add them to cookie batter, smoothies, homemade brownies, milkshakes, and more!

#14 Squash

Did you know squash can be juiced? We love this squash version of a green juice for weight loss by Live Simply Natural. Green juices don’t have to be green! But if you want to spice it up, add a scoop of green juice powder. Squash is seasonal, filling, rich in Vitamin A and is a source of good Omega-3 fatty acids.

#15 Sweet Potatoes

Ok, you’re not going to put this in a green juice for weight loss mix - that’s squash! But, they’re definitely more than Thanksgiving sides. Sweet potatoes are more nutritionally dense than white potatoes and boast powerful Vitamin A stores, Iron, and anti-inflammatory benefits that make it a great belly bloat slayer.

Bonus: they make excellent baked fries, which come in handy when you’re getting cravings. (One of the least fun signs of liver detox working.) 

#16 Turmeric Powder

A year-round pantry staple! You can mix it in with your green juice powder, have it with ginger to promote liver detox and support immunity. Add it to any soup, stir-fry or salad dressing to fight inflammation, and even have it in golden milk. It’s a must-have!

Go Beyond Food! Meet Your Fitness Edge this Fall

Ok, so let’s say you stock up on green juice powder, have your morning green juice for weight management on lock, and stock your pantry with all the yummy fall foods that keep you healthy and satisfied. Now what?
Kill the motivation trap and stay focused, so your new-year resolution doesn’t read “lose back the weight I had lost last year”

Instead, try one of our 8 Ways to Stay Fit This Fall:

  1. Join a fitness class near your apartment or work, but make it a fun one. Keeping things easy is the key during cold weather months.
  2. Not into gyms? How about a home workout with an app like Sweat by Kayla Istines, which has motivational before-and-after photos, super short workouts, and a guaranteed kick in the pants.
  3. Plan outdoor activities with your friends on the weekends, instead of a coffee-shop meetup.
  4. Limit your alcohol intake; it’s the sneakiest way to gain weight.
  5. Get a fitness planner! Tracking your activity will keep you motivated, there are free ones on Pinterest or try a Workout Plan on iOS or Android.
  6. Turn TV-Time into fitness time combining a simple 30-minute bodyweight training watching Netflix, instead of sitting on the couch. Yoga stretches work great!
  7. Team up with your kids and family to do more hikes, outdoor playdates, and physically active fam sessions.
  8. Beat procrastination with Mel Robbins’ 1,2,3,4,5  Second Rule.

Don’t let last year’s effort go to waste this fall and if you haven’t started, do it now! Get out of the house, walk your neighbor’s dog, get some green juice powder on the go, do whatever it takes to move you out of the comfort zone and into the best version of you.

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