20 Healthy Protein Waffle Recipes to Fall For

Are you ready for a decadent, delicious, shockingly healthy, and fun protein waffle recipe?

Great! Then let’s make it twenty protein waffle recipes to knock your socks off, satisfy your sweet tooth and please the kids in the house - if you have any around. (It’s OK if that kid is you, btw.)

If you’re anything like me, you can eat breakfast for dinner, lunch, and well, breakfast. We have lots of different protein waffle recipes in the blog already, but since ‘tis the season for warmer and more comforting foods, I  thought, “we need more.”

This is more than a hunt for the crispiest, fluffiest, and most mouth-watering protein waffle recipe on the web tho; it’s a compilation of equally healthy and satisfying alternatives for everyone, regardless of their dietary restrictions or pantry status. 

Protein waffles are the perfect all-day breakfast food; they’re filling, body-building, and fun! 

But, they can be time-consuming when made from scratch, which is why that pre-made, scaringly-addictive, and extremely unhealthy supermarket powder is so popular.  Not everyone can eat dairy, gluten, or have the time to put together an Instagram-worthy-Martha-Stewart waffle, so I really focused on the listing the easiest recipes I could find.

These protein waffle recipes are wholesome, easy, and as tasty as the store-bought ones.

The reason I chose these specific protein waffle recipes is that they feel like a treat meal (cheat meal just sounds wrong to me) and feel cozy like a lazy Sunday morning, without the blood sugar spike that may eventually land you in the ER.  Most of them are gluten-free, dairy-free, and quick.

For most of these protein waffles we’re using Organifi Complete Protein, which has all the essential amino acids needed to build muscle. They are available in chocolate and vanilla flavors, are topped with digestive enzymes to make sure you digest the protein correctly and are 100% organic.

Flourless Protein Waffles

Before you get started on your protein waffles, the first thing you need to know is that a good protein waffle recipe doesn’t necessarily need flour-based batter.

Sometimes, smashing a banana with some powdered oats and a little protein powder is enough to make protein waffles. If you’re short on time, this can be a go-to base to mix with some dairy-free milk (my favorite is almond milk) and then experiment until you get the right texture. 

#1 Two-Ingredient Protein Waffles

Stunning flavor and texture with shocking simplicity. This recipe from the Cooking With Plants blog wins the #1 spot for the quickest and most effective combination. Using only water, regular oats, and a ripe banana, it cannot get easier. I added two scoops of protein for nutrition and covered with more bananas!

#2 No-Flour Organic Protein Waffles 

Is there anything more deliciously decadent than Belgian waffles topped with raspberry fruit jelly? This Organifi recipe does not require any flour at all, just add two scoops of our vanilla protein, one egg, a teaspoon of baking powder and coconut oil, and a little water. That’s all.

#3 Flourless Oat Waffles

This remarkably easy recipe by The Life List only requires one cup of rolled oats, a cup of any plant-based milk and a teaspoon of vanilla extract. I added one scoop of vanilla protein to make the recipe more nutritious for me and my family, sweet and sugar-free! 

#4 Chia Protein Waffles 

This protein waffle recipe is also originally three-ingredients only with a base of bananas and chia eggs, but I added one scoop of chocolate protein powder and topped with coconut shavings for a punch of flavor. Again, sugar and fat-free.

#5 Three-Ingredient Paleo Waffles

Oh-la-la! If you’re not vegan these waffles by Cotter Crunch will rock your pants. A couple of eggs, two bananas, and only one tablespoon of coconut flour make this extra fluffy, quick-fix waffles, protein-rich and healthy. 

 #6 Seven-Ingredient Vegan, Gluten Free, Protein Waffle

This recipe by Minimalist Baker is not exactly minimal; however,it’s undeniably crispy and fluffy at once. The ideal every-day waffle that you can top with fruits, maple syrup, and more. Add protein powder to make them a real meal.

Seasonal Protein Waffles

#7 Apple Crust Waffles with Protein

A bit more involved than the previous recipes, these pan waffles by Jamie Oliver feature holiday-friendly apples and you don’t even need a waffle maker. They do have 65 grams of unsalted butter, which you can replace with one of these butter substitutes. Add protein powder to improve their nutritional profile.

#8 Pumpkin Spice Protein Waffles

A signature Organifi recipe, these waffles are special because they’re originally made with one scoop of our relaxing Gold tea (makes them extra soothing,) but I made them with Gold, Pumpkin Spice for a twist. It’s a seasonal version of Gold and both recipes are lip-smacking good!

#9 Mother’s Day Gluten-Free Chocolate Waffles

Some of my favorite protein waffles in the list, they’re rich enough to be in the “luxurious” section below, but since we made them for Mother's Day (they’re the motherload of healthy chocolate) I’ve added them here. Whip them up in twenty minutes and top with raspberries.

#10 Cinnamon Protein-Rich Waffles 

A Making Thyme for Health Creation (love the pun,) these are fall waffles are vegan and gluten-free. Using flaxseed or chia seeds instead of eggs, oat flour, and tahini instead of butter. You also get the benefits of apple cider vinegar! They earn a spot for flavor, health, and creativity.

#11 Ginger Waffles for Winter

Topped with Greek yogurt instead of whipped cream, plus a variety of antioxidant-rich berries, these waffles by Healthy Nibbles  have protein from eggs and yogurt. I loved the ginger-kick in them and the holiday feel, and added protein powder and chia seeds.

Luxurious Protein Waffles

#12 Multi-Berry Waffles for Brunch

Using your favorite basic protein waffle recipe from the “Flourless” list, make a luxuriously pink version adding Organifi Red Juice powder to the mix. You’ll be adding a sweet berry flavor, coming from our freeze-dried berries, and the incredible Reishi mushroom benefits that help you manage stress and energy. 

#13 Peanut Butter Vegan Waffles

I adapted this indulgent protein waffle recipe by The Full Helping, making a couple of changes: substitute whole wheat flour for coconut flour, and add two scoops of vanilla protein powder. Topped with blueberries, bananas, and coconut shavings - delicious!

#14 Almond Butter Waffles

This protein waffle recipe is vegan, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and can be made with no added oils. It only takes about 15 minutes to make if you have millet flour. A fun twist on the vegan waffle, the Unconventional Baker had us at coconut milk powder. We paired this recipe with our protein ice cream recipe, that stars chocolate chips.

#15 Strawberry Protein-Filled Waffles

A real breakfast of champions, this protein waffle recipe is a fun one to make. Using ¾ cup of protein powder, spelt flour, and folding in fresh strawberry pieces, these are my go-to for sporting events. Bonus points for the coconut whipped cream.

DIY Protein Waffle Recipe

So you have fifteen very straightforward recipes to follow, how about making your own version with what you have at home? If you already picked your bottle of complete protein then try:

#16 Vanilla, Cinnamon, and Walnuts

Mixing whole grain, oat powder, or any gluten-free batter of your choice with some of our vanilla protein powder, add cinnamon powder and crushed walnuts to taste before you hit the waffle maker! No walnuts? Check the pantry and add what you have around.

#17 Chocolate Chip and Protein

Another delicious opportunity to get creative with a base batter and your chocolate complete protein is adding sugar-free chocolate chips, with berries on top.

#18 Tropical Waffles

Mix coconut flour with bananas and coconut milk, add vanilla protein powder and top with pineapple chunks, cherries, and coconut flakes for a very different protein waffle recipe. You can use #5 Paleo Waffle batter recipe for this one.

#19 Pumpkin Waffles

Adding pumpkin puree as your moisture to an oat flour waffle mix, you can make extra protein-rich waffles (that just happen to be perfect for fall) just by adding the benefits of pumpkin seed protein, both to the blended mix and as a topping along with cinnamon and nuts. 

#20 Crunchy Granola Waffles

Pick your favorite basic batter, take your favorite granola (like our gluten-free homemade granola) and just sprinkle the crunchy bits on the mixture before pouring it into the waffle maker. It’s a fun and unexpected feel.

Are you hungry? I know I am, please tell us if you tried any of these recipes or made your own. I had the best time testing these out and can’t wait to hear about your latest waffle concoction! Healthy, protein-packed, and above all delicious.

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