Our Favorite Superfoods for Supermoms

Not all sheroes wear capes. But all may benefit from superfood powder that energizes their routines and power their days with nutrition.

Sometimes, eating healthy can be a challenge for busy moms on the go.

And understandably so; if most of us struggle to stick to a healthy diet, moms have it extra-hard. They’re juggling kids, careers, home upkeep, and family life with the same hours as Beyoncé, but a lot less help. At best, it can be overwhelming; at worst, it can be draining and wear her nerves out.

If you add thinking about, choosing and preparing healthy meals -for themselves and their families - to an ongoing list of presentations, rehearsals, play dates, pick-ups, drop-offs and paper-mache dioramas (whew, we’re tired just typing that out) then it’s obvious that even Supermoms need super help. That’s why we like superfoods so much:

Superfood powders can provide easy nutritional boosts for moms and kids alike.

Yes, you can eat the superfood in its raw form -say coconuts- but it’s a lot easier to just mix some superfood powder into your smoothie cup or water bottle. And we’re all about making things easier for you, supermoms!

When it comes to your health and the health of your children, it’s important to establish sustainable eating habits that set you up for a life of longevity, health, and massive success. We’ve put together a list of superfoods for women (and superfood powders) that help you stay on top of your mental, physical, and emotional game.

Because, as Elle Woods would say, happy moms don’t just shoot their husbands -and children- they just don’t.

What Are Superfoods?

Superfoods are nutrient-rich foods that grow abundantly in nature and come in a variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other presentations. They tend to be rich in micronutrients that serve multiple health and wellness purposes in the body. 

In general, superfoods are significant sources of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, with the possibility of also providing healthy fats and protein that may cure, prevent, or improve many health conditions.

Studies show that some foods have the ability to boost the immune system, prevent diseases, or help repair tissue, uptick energy, lower blood sugar and cholesterol, and even help you manage stress. These foods are commonly called “superfoods,” and their powers usually come from their high concentrations of antioxidants and nutrients that our bodies can’t get from other sources, like animal protein or dairy.

Some examples of superfoods you may know: 

  • Aloe Vera
  • Ashwagandha
  • Blueberries
  • Dark leafy greens (like Kale)
  • Moringa
  • Quinoa
  • Turmeric

Why Choose a Superfood Powder?

We are what we eat, in the best sense possible. Food is our natural fuel, and what we put into our bodies is as important as water, fresh air, and exercise. In a world where you’re balancing playdates, real dates, homework, paid work, and housework - time is of the essence. 

Superfood powders are usually dehydrated and concentrated versions of those highly nutritious sources, packaged in convenient amounts to either carry or use at home. These concentrated superfoods go straight into the bloodstream when consumed, giving you access to the natural food’s power faster and more effectively. 

We recommend taking superfoods for women -like aloe vera- in powder form because it’s quick, painless, and sometimes spares you the rather marked and unfortunate taste some of these magical plant-powered superfoods have. 

Superfoods for Women: Why Moms Benefit 

Pretty much all moms are Supermoms; there’s no greater task than raising a family. There are also few other such daunting, complex, and demanding jobs as raising a human. As women take on more of the workload outside of the house, research shows we haven’t progressed as much in the distribution of chores and mental work at home.

A 1996 study called “Thinking About the Baby” an exploration of gender and the transition into parenthood in households with heterosexual couples, found that women had a much greater mental load; they’re the home’s project manager and taskmaster. 

And even though we celebrate Women’s Equality on August 26 in the US, honoring the brave women who fought for the female right to vote, moms are forced to be super in a society that took 42 years to actually act on that amendment. 

In fact poems like “I am the person” by Ellen Seidman who humorously noted that her family “never had a TP crisis” because she’s the only one who notices they need toilet paper, and comics like the “gender wars in household chores,” prove that if anyone needs superfood powders - it’s mom!

And so, to the great women still being Super because they have to, we salute you and offer you some powder and herbal -er- aid. 

Types of Energizing Superfoods

Enough talk, let’s walk. What superfoods for women keep you energized and on your feet?

#1 Moringa

Helps control blood sugar levels, preventing that sleepy crash around 2:00 PM. It’s rich in Vitamins A, B, C, as well as in calcium, magnesium, and zinc. Available as a superfood powder.

#2 Matcha Green Tea

It’s a natural detoxifying energy booster; it contains caffeine that wakes you up and L-theanine that keeps your body calm. Alert relaxation, part of our Green Juice.

#3 Spirulina

This alga is an excellent alternative source of protein and amino acids, its rich in blood-purifying chlorophyll, as well as thiamin, riboflavin, and niacin. It may improve endurance throughout the day. Available as a superfood powder in your favorite store.

#4 Bananas: 

While commonplace this remarkable source of potassium is the healthiest pick-me-up when you feel an energy drop.

#5 Yerba Mate:

The Argentinian staple may improve your mental focus, mood and physical endurance. It has about 85 mg of caffeine per 8 Oz.

Restorative or Relaxing Superfood Powder

Your body and mind need rest, relaxation, and to reduce stress (hello cortisol and sleep issues) so these roots, herbs, and mushrooms act as adaptogens - literal plant-based stress managers for your body.

#6 Ashwagandha

Adaptogen herb that may lower cortisol, cholesterol, blood sugar, and uplift your mood. It can be very soothing.

#7 Reishi Mushroom

Known as the mushroom of immortality, reishi mushroom powder is also an adaptogen with immune-system boosting properties. It’s part of our super relaxing Organifi Gold tea superfood powder.

#8 Rhodiola:

Another adaptogen that may help you adapt to physical, chemical and environmental stress.

#9 Siberian Ginseng:

Could fight fatigue and insomnia, and it might be what you need after a workout.

#10 Turmeric

The benefits of turmeric are one of our favorite topics, it has anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, and soothing properties that make if the star of our night time tea (that also has Reishi in it) Gold.

Mental and Metabolism Boosting Superfood Powder 

#11 Lion’s Mane Mushroom

The benefits of Lion’s Mane mushroom could have a positive impact on cognitive health, as studies have shown it helps prevent dementia, anxiety and depression. It is part of our Pure mental-boost superfood powder.

#12 Baobab Fruit

Is remarkably rich in antioxidants that fight oxidative stress that ages the brain and other organs. The benefits of baobab powder make these antioxidants more readily available for your body.

#13 Aloe Vera 

As good to eat as it is to use on skin and face, part of the most popular timeless skin care routines, aloe is also 

#14 Blueberries

The unsung hero of the berry world, blueberries may improve concentration and memory. They’re part of our metabolism-boosting and superfood powder Red Juice, along with ten other ingredients and even more berries.

#15 Flax Seeds

A potent source of Vitamin B, magnesium, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, and fiber, flaxseed powder in your smoothie may aid support mental clarity and focus.

#16 Cordyceps

Might help boost the metabolism and brain function, it’s an extremely rare mushroom with adaptogen capacities.

Superfoods for Women

Women have special needs, as they age - especially after becoming mothers - they may need to consider a hormone balancing diet or how to balance hormones naturally. That’s why these bone-mass improving, collagen-rich, and joint-friendly foods are so important.

#17 Broccoli: 

Has 135 percent of your recommended daily dose of vitamin C and 47 grams of calcium per hundred grams. Low calorie, high nutrition. 

#18 Winged Goa Beans: 

Have 26% of the RDI of calcium, which is vital in osteoporosis prevention.

#19 Collagen:

The most abundant protein in our bodies and the responsible for healthy hair, nails, and skin, among others. We stop producing it around the age of 30 and need to stimulate and support it. This superfood powder is the star of our Glow Lemonade.

#20 Arctic Pine Bark

It has anti-inflammatory effects and may inhibit joint tissue breakdown, an important factor in bone structure and density. 

#21 Astaxanthin:

A powerful antioxidant 6,000 times stronger than vitamin C, may increase joint mobility and reduce pain.

Bottom Line:

A healthy balanced diet with whole foods and nutritious vegetables, fruits, grains, protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats will always be the best way to get your macro and micronutrients. However, in our hectic modern world, convenience and ease of access is the key to our success. 

Thrive incorporating these superfoods into your diet and avoid catching a cold arming your kids with healthy school lunch ideas and packing some Immunity superfood powder with you — progress, not perfection. 

Thanks supermoms!

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