Rest Easy And Ramp Up Your Immune System With Organifi “Golden Milk” Tea

We are so excited to announce the launch of our brand new product, ORGANIFI GOLD! I imagine you are wondering what is in this superfood product and why we decided to create it.

When we start formulating a new product, we first look at what you, our audience, is asking for. What are your biggest health concerns? What areas are you struggling with the most? What are your pain points? What types of products are you asking for? What is not available (in the highest quality) on health food store shelves?

Some major feedback I’ve gotten from you and others following our blogs is that you are STRESSED OUT. For some of you, this chronic state of stress has become your normal. You hardly realize how stressed you are because you’ve been living this way for years! For others, it’s just started becoming a problem and you are recognizing its effects on your health.

Maybe you’re laying awake at night, unable to quiet your mind. Maybe your body is achy and inflamed. Maybe you are too wired to be able to sit down and enjoy a quiet moment with your loved ones, without thinking about all the things on your to-do list.

I get it. Life can be crazy! And it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, busy, anxious, worried and constantly bombarded with everything on your plate. This is precisely why we made Organifi Gold.

What Is Organifi Gold?

Organifi Gold is a blend of 9 different superfoods to help you literally CHILL OUT! I’m talking deep, healing relaxation your body needs to stay in optimum condition. Every ingredient in Organifi Gold was chosen specifically for its ability to help your body relax, enhance your immune system and improve your quality of life.

One of my favorite things about Organifi Gold and something that sets it apart from our other products is this: it is made to be consumed warm.

Think back to when you were young: maybe you remember your mother or grandmother making a healing tea when you were sick. How did it make you feel? It was warm. It was comforting. It soothed your bones. It left you feeling relaxed and calm.

My friends and family here at Organifi have been working hard. We researched the most miraculous herbs for discomfort. We studied the most powerful natural superfoods and nutrients for deep sleep. Then we added superfoods for immunity. We carefully mixed our ingredients together from the highest-quality sources over and over again until the taste was perfect.

Organifi Gold Contains A Powerful Blend Of...

Relaxing Phytonutrients

Are you sleeping DEEP? It’s essential. It’s probably the most important thing you’ll do today. Deep sleep is your body’s chance to “reset.”  It’s when your cells get rejuvenated. Deep sleep is when your bones grow. It’s when your joints get lubricated. It’s when you fight off diseases. Plus of course, after a night of deep sleep, you’ll see yourself waking up with boundless, youthful energy as though you were decades younger.

Soothing Herbs

Aging is natural. It doesn’t have to hurt. Over 100 million Americans feel this way too. Yes, you CAN feel better. Move freely again, without hurting. Stand tall, bend your knees and walk up stairs with confidence. Feel the freedom of living without hurting. This recipe is packed with restorative herbs specifically chosen to respond to your body’s discomfort. These are gently dried leaves, roots and superfoods. Many have been used for thousands of years in ancient Native American, Asian and North African cultures.

Antioxidants For Colds & Flus

Antioxidants are miracle helpers. They have a certain way of “welding the wiring” between cells. When your cells can communicate better, your immune system is unstoppable. Nobody likes not feeling well through the night - it is completely miserable. Now, with this recipe, flu season doesn’t stand a chance.

Nootropic Properties For Mental Function

Improve concentration. Focus without distraction. Shine brightly with new ideas at work. Never forget a name again. Nootropic superfoods with these particular effects are wildly popular. Some of them improve oxygen supply to the brain. It’s no wonder doctors, surgeons and high level executives use these superfoods to think sharper when the pressure is on.

What’s In Organifi Gold?

I’m about to dive into each of the potent ingredients included in our immune-boosting, relaxation-enhancing Organifi Gold. Each ingredient is in effective doses and was researched extensively before earning a place in our new product.


It’s been used for over 4,000 years. Ancient India and even China recognized turmeric as a powerful restorative root. Today, over 2,000 peer reviewed studies suggest turmeric’s power. Here, we’ve included a full clinically tested dose. Plus, our unique, proprietary harvesting method makes each dose 4 times more powerful!

Top 5 Benefits Of Turmeric

Coconut Milk

Coconut gives us a trustworthy saturated fat. See, some vitamins are fat soluble. Without some fat, these vitamins just pass through your body. So here we include some good fats. This way, the vitamins are “snuck” into the bloodstream by latching onto a fat carrier cell.

Top 5 Benefits Of Coconut Milk

  • Helps prevent joint inflammation and arthritis
  • Improves heart health
  • Helps improve digestion and relieve constipation
  • Supports healthy weight loss
  • Balances blood sugar levels

Acacia Fiber

It’s another absorbability “hack.” Acacia fiber is actually an organic tree sap. More importantly, it’s “food” for the bacteria in your gut. You’ve heard of probiotics? Prebiotics feed the probiotics. This ensures proper digestion of all previous ingredients for MAXIMUM strength and absorbability.

Top 5 Benefits Of Acacia Fiber


Cinnamon - a common spice? Hardly. Wars were fought for centuries over this precious superfood. In Ayurveda, cinnamon was used to sooth and comfort people through the aging process. Including it here ensures a hint of warm flavor that was prized by ancient healers for thousands of years.

Top 5 Benefits Of Cinnamon

Ginger Extract

This you’ve heard. Ginger is the “Swiss army knife” of superfoods. It’s revered as the #1 alternative restorative plant in hundreds of countries. It’s used all over the world for digestion, flus, colds, achy muscles and other illnesses. It’s also another tool in your toolbox for a healthy response to discomfort.

Top 5 Benefits Of Ginger

Black Pepper

You might have heard this before. Piperine is a powerful phytochemical within black pepper. The magic is in how it affects your body. When you ingest a plant with restorative properties, something interesting happens: your enzymes break it down and limit the potency. Piperine naturally stops those enzymes in their tracks. This allows the powerful restorative qualities to impact your whole body instantly, sometimes 20 times stronger!

Top 5 Benefits Of Black Pepper

Red Reishi Mushroom

It’s called “The King of Mushrooms.” It was brewed into an “immortal youth tea” in ancient Japan. Even more modern studies praise its impact on longevity. Reishi has also been used as a natural form of muscle relaxation in modern Chinese medicine.

Top 5 Benefits Of Reishi Mushrooms

Turkey Tail Mushroom

It looks exactly how it sounds. Turkey Tail is a restorative mushroom that resembles a turkey’s tail. Its restorative effects on human immunity are spell-binding. It was revered as a secret “magical cure-all” among Native American cultures for centuries. Then scientists caught on. In 2013, The National Institute Of Health was so impressed, they invested 5.4 million dollars into Turkey Tale research!

Top 5 Benefits Of Turkey Tail Mushroom

Lemon Balm

It’s known as “The Calming Herb.” In the 1600s, nuns near Mt. Carmel created a “relaxation tea” with these fragrant smelling leaves. The recipe has spread all through Europe since. Nowadays, lemon balm is a major ingredient in natural sleep supporting drinks and essential oils.

Top 5 Benefits Of Lemon Balm

  • Promotes rest and relaxation
  • Improves symptoms of anxiety
  • Supports digestion
  • Contains antibacterial properties
  • Reduces stress  

Why Should I Drink Organifi Gold?

Organifi “golden milk” and turmeric have many sought after benefits. Learn how this powerful combination of ingredients can help enhance relaxation, reduce inflammation, improve liver function and even curb cravings and support healthy blood sugar levels.

  • Lemon Balm, Magnesium and Reishi Mushrooms enhance rest and relaxation
  • Turmeric, Black Pepper and Ginger reduce inflammation and pain
  • Reishi Mushrooms improve liver function
  • Turkey Tail boosts immune system function 
  • Coconut Milk and Cinnamon help control cravings and blood sugar levels 
  • Turmeric improves symptoms of depression 
  • Acacia Fiber supports healthy digestion 

Organifi Gold Recipes

Not only is Organifi Gold delicious on its own, but you can add it to a variety of tasty recipes for added nutrients and benefits! Just check out some of this golden recipes below. 

Power Up Gold Overnight Oats 

Pumped Up Pumpkin Banana Bread

Pumpkin Pie Pudding

Golden Milk Protein Smoothie

Golden Milk Tea 

Golden Pumpkin Protein Waffles

Golden Turmeric Ginger Dressing for Heart Roasted Potato Salad

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does turmeric do to the skin?

A. If applied directly to the skin, turmeric may cause temporary staining. However there are many beautifying properties in turmeric. If used correctly, turmeric can provide many health benefits to the skin.

Q. Should I take golden milk twice a day?

A. You can drink golden milk whenever you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed or achy and sore. It’s also a nice drink to use at night to help unwind and relax.

How Can I Get My Hands On This Stuff? 

Go check out this page about Organifi Gold so that you can order yours today! Everyone is excited about this brand new product so hurry and claim yours before our first shipment runs out! 

As always, we are anxious to hear your feedback and success stories. Leave a comment below. 

Remember, we're in this together. 

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I bought this yesterday in search of some relief from chronic back pain – I have been using prescriptive muscle relaxers and anti-inflammation meds for few days – I drank a warm mug of GOLD before sleep last night and I am seriously 85 percent better -the swelling and contortion in my back is amazingly better and I feel so rested – I am standing straight today ! – Thank You for this amazing product and your videos on YOU TUBE – its how I found YOU – Dana


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