The PSL Roundup: 20 (Healthy) Pumpkin Recipes Inspired by Everyone's Favorite Fall Drink

Pumpkin recipes y’all! ‘Tis. The. Season!

No shame, no basic jokes, no “hold your pumpkin; it’s not Halloween yet” social media comments, it’s the official, by-the-books, haters-be-damned, first week of September and yes - autumn is here!

And you know what that means:

It’s time for a bountiful round-up of pumpkin recipes for all - even the dog!

We’re lighting PSL candles, pinning creative pumpkin carving ideas, and naturally--getting the health benefits of pumpkin this Fall with these delicious, healthy, quick-and-easy, season-favorite pumpkin recipes.

All bets are off ladies and gentlemen; it’s about to get cozy: we’re talking hoodies, comfy PJs, porch blankets, and a pumpkin spice recipe contender to challenge all the sugary traps of fall, as a mindful alternative to beverages prone to spiking insulin.

These healthy pumpkin recipes are sure to be your new restorative evening ritual: 

20 Pumpkin Recipes for a Healthy Fall and Thanksgiving

The holidays are around the corner, but you can scratch off that ever-growing to-do list “avoid auntie Ellie’s sugar cookies” because we have put together a list of excellent recipes to treat yourself without spiking your blood sugar. 

Pumpkin Recipes for Breakfast:

#1 Collagen-Boosting Pumpkin Spice Smoothie

This creamy, sweet, and skin-friendly smoothie is the ideal breakfast for changing weather. As fall comes with crisper air and harsher winds, skin tends to dry up. It’s the best pumpkin smoothie recipe you'll ever taste. Spoiler alert: bananas, green apple, and coconut milk make it a little extra.

#2 Pumpkin Banana Bread

A fantastic way to start your day, just grab a slice and have it with matcha green tea latte (instead of coffee) for a sweet kick in the pants. Our pumped-up pumpkin banana bread combines the health benefits of pumpkin with complete plant-based protein.

#3 High-Protein Pumpkin Waffles

Our golden pumpkin protein waffles are crispy, fluffy, sweet, and very healthy. This pumpkin spice recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free, and so satisfying, we’re already drooling just thinking about it. 

#4 Breakfast Cookies 

Get pumpkin benefits from the seeds and not the puree in these fun and healthy protein-rich breakfast cookies. Good any time of day! Made with bananas, oats, apple sauce and unexpected goji berries.

#5 Golden Milk Smoothie

Add a pinch of pumpkin spice to this golden milk protein smoothie, or try our seasonal Gold tea with a PSL twist.

Combining complete vegan protein powder with the benefits of turmeric, this twist on “golden milk tea” is our go-to fall smoothie for Sunday breakfasts. Why? This wasn’t originally a pumpkin spice recipe; instead, it uses our Gold turmeric tea, which is designed to reduce stress and boost the recovery phase of the body.

#6 PSL Apple Banana Pancakes

These apple banana protein pancakes go from fantastic to fall-icious simply adding one scoop of healthy pumpkin spice to the recipe. You can also use this recipe as your PSL brekkie companion.

Inspired Pumpkin Recipes for Lunch or Dinner:

#7 Pumpkin Soup

Probably the easiest go-to meal of the season, but one of the heartiest. We love this pumpkin soup recipe by BrownEyedBaker, but also highly recommend number five (pumpkin turmeric soup) on our fan-favorite healthy winter recipes roundup.

#8 Pumpkin Toast With Avocado

Avocados may feel like a summer fruit, but we think a fun way to get the health benefits of pumpkin is to replace the sweet potato in this recipe and adjust the cooking time from 15 minutes to 20 if your pumpkin slices are a tad thick. Everything else fits which is why it’s part of our pumpkin recipes roundup!

#9 Healthy Protein Pasta

While we’re on the subject of updating recipes to get the benefits of pumpkin, the third protein pasta in this list is made with squash and chickpeas, but we’ve tried it with pumpkin and were delighted by the results.

#10 Pumpkin Buddha Bowl

We love this inflammation-reducing turmeric cauliflower chickpea Buddha Bowl, it’s super easy to make and you probably have most of the ingredients already. To update it for our fall pumpkin recipes replace (or add to) the carrots some slices of roasted pumpkin, or some pumpkin spice pure!

#11 Pumpkin and Black Bean Burger

For the fall it can be updated with the seasonal benefits of pumpkin simply replacing the butternut squash with pumpkin. 

Power Snacks Featuring The Benefits of Pumpkin:

#12 Low-Sugar Pumpkin Spice Latte

Could a pumpkin recipes round-up really be complete without a pumpkin spice latte recipe? Of course not. We love this as an end-of-day, cozy up with a book by the window, as your favorite plushy blanket wraps around your shoulders, kinda pumpkin spice drink.

PS: It’s super low-sugar (because you know that coffee-shop one is nothing but) and has all the real benefits of pumpkin.

#13 Protein-Packed Power Balls

Perfect for a post-workout snack, this pumpkin spice recipe puts the POW in power! Rich in healthy complete protein from chia seeds, Organifi protein powder, and pumpkin seeds, they’re delightfully sweet but free from processed sugar, gluten, and dairy. Kids love them!

#14 Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

One of our most unexpected pumpkin recipes for fall, these healthy snacks go well with movie nights, book club meetups - and cocktails (we can be in Santa’s naughty list right?) Choose from our 5 healthy pumpkin seed recipes and have fun!

#15 Pumpkin Spiced Flavored PopCorn

This pumpkin spice recipe idea came from Amy’s Healthy Baking and while she uses Truvia in her homemade popcorn, we know you can substitute for coconut sugar and get the same if you don’t like the taste. Just add the quintessential “pumpkin spice” spices to the popcorn and enjoy!

Pumpkin Recipes for Healthy Desserts 

#16 Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Bites

Yes, you can skip your auntie’s sugar cookies this year, because you can bring these shockingly tasty sock-knockers. Our healthy golden pumpkin bites take minutes to make in the blender and are ready to eat -in all their chocolaty goodness--in 30 minutes or less. 

#17 Pumpkin Pie Pudding

Yes! Wholesome ingredients, enviable texture, and extra points for original presentation: this healthy pumpkin pie is the potluck-party favorite at Organifi. Getting the health benefits of pumpkin from puree mixed with a little coconut sugar, it has some pumpkin recipe tricks up its sleeve--you’ll love it!

#18 Raw Almond and Pumpkin Spice Pie

Take this no-bake almond pie (only takes ten minutes to make) and add a scoop of Gold, Pumpkin Spice or your homemade pumpkin spice and turn it into one of the most delicious pumpkin recipes ever! Don’t know how to make your own? In this post about the benefits of pumpkin, we teach you how - see point #3!

#19 Vegan Pumpkin Spice No Sugar Cookies

Almost too good to be true, these banana oat pumpkin spice cookies have no sugar; instead, they take the sweetness of ripe bananas to make them make your tastebuds happy but keep the belly in check. Fantastic pumpkin spice recipe by the Nest and Glow blog.

#20 No-Bake Pumpkin Pie Bars

A recipe by The Big Man’s world, you can make this healthy no added sugar pumpkin pie bars and add vanilla-flavored complete protein to make them even healthier. We love the fact that they chose to use monk fruit as the sweetener.

BONUS! Healthy Pumpkin Spice Dog Treats

Ok, we love these pumpkin recipes (we’re low-key obsessed with the health benefits of pumpkin) but did you know pumpkin benefits are not limited to human health? Your best friend can also enjoy their own fall-flavored treat right after running around the falling leaves and messing up your carefully curated leaf pile.

A lovely and wholesome idea by the BrownEyedBaker blog, these pumpkin infused grain-free dog treats will make a good boy or girl very happy. Pawtastic!

Get The Health Benefits of Pumpkin this Season

What do you think? These recipes are the best way to get your fall flavor fix, without the guilt and sugar spikes, ideal for solo meals and family gatherings - we got you covered. Share these pumpkin recipes with a friend who loves PSL but also health and wants to stay in shape.

Pumpkin Benefits: 

Each time you eat pumpkin you get a significant dose of fiber content (good for weight loss,) Vitamins A, C, and E that help boost immunity, potassium, plenty of skin-protecting antioxidants, low sugar content, and cardio-protective properties. It’s one of our favorite ingredients and we can’t get enough of it - not to mention high protein content in the seeds. 

Sweater weather never tasted so good! Go ahead and make these recipes, then let us know which one was your favorite; we’re in this health journey together.

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